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Hi,I got home last night from my Mayo trip.I still don't have a concrete dx.After finishing all my test I went back to see the Dr and get my results but he could not see me until next Thursday so I set up a phone appt with him.I just hope he doesn't decide I need more test and want me to come back.I hate flying,it seemed to make everything worse as far as my symptoms go.I feel pretty sure they did every test known to man already,If you take every test I have ever had together they would not add up to what I had there in 4 days.He did tell me he was sure I had autonomic problems and possibly Sjorgen's so I will just sit here and wait and hope everything turns out OK.


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Melanie, just going to Mayo and having the tests is a big step. Even if you don't get a concrete diagnosis, you can usually at least learn what you DON'T have. Hang in there and try to keep your chin up!

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