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Mary from OH


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Guest tearose

Hi Mary!

It's been so long since our paths crossed!

I miss you! Are you doing okay?

I guess if it is anything like what happens to me....you are either busy in a good way or deep in a potshole. I hope some happy distractions and joys of life have kept you away from here.

Come back when you can!

best regards,


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Guest Mary from OH

OK, I ended up in the hospital again, but this time not for paralysis! I

decided to mix things up a little bit!! This time I was going in to my

PCP's office because I developed bronchitis very suddenly (again). I don't

understand it. Most people who get bronchitis are sick with a cold or

something first, it worsens, etc., then it turns to bronchitis... Not me, I

literally go straight to it!! I developed it later on Sun afternoon/evening last week

and went 1st thing Monday morning. When I was in the exam room waiting, I

started having a massive coughing attack and could NOT catch my breath. I

literally could not breathe, I was SO scared!! Fortunately, the dr came

walking in right at that moment. He looks up at me from my chart and says,

"how are we doing today?" I manage to squeak out "can't breath!" He looks

in my throat and says don't worry we'll take care of you! He hollers for a

RN and gets O2 and a breathing trt and calls 911. I have never been so

scared in my life. I just kept clutching his hand if he tried to move. I

didn't want to die alone. Anyhow. My drs office and the Medics took great

care of me!! Now, the hospital.... that's another story!! I ended up back at my PCP's office because I was still feeling lousy and running a fever on Friday and found out that I also have a viral infection of my vocal chords. She thinks that this was complicating things and that I also have an underlying vocal chord problem! She said that (at some point) I should get it evaluated by an ENT, etc. but that I have "more than enough on my plate right now".

I also had several EMG's this week. Some peripheral neuropathy of sensory nerves and I have end-organ damage, but no idea why.

I have my Brain MRI this week.

I thank God that February is over!! March is a new month! A month of new beginnings... I'm fried!!

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Well, I'm glad you checked in, but sorry to find out I was worrying about you for good reason! I hope you are feeling better soon... and don't need the hospital anytime soon either!


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Yuck!!! You've definately had more than enough to deal with.

I hope you get to feeling much better soon. Your experiences sound scary but I'm so glad your Dr seems to be there for you.

Hang in there and know that we miss you when you aren't able to post (We understand when you don't feel up to it though!).

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