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varied from my normal schedule

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so Normally I get a shower w/ my toddler on wed night. But she was itchy today so after dinner, I got one with her tonight, then got her hair dry(while sititng on the floor) and oh fun...s.o.b, hot/cold flushing, nausea, face felt numbish/stiff...ugh

Finished her up and sent her to work on a paper doll for her friends birthday party while I picked up her room...5 minutes later I was feeling really bad.

so I laid down while dad finished getting her ready for bed... His comment? "you look like you need a drink."

...er, I don't think that will help me somehow....lol..perhaps a new body? Anybody got a brainstem to donate?? lol

So I guess this is what I get for varying from my normal, perfectly good schedule....

I really should know better. lol


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I'm sorry that you had a bad experience changing your schedule ever so slightly like that. I know that I have to be oh so careful on when I take a shower, and sometimes I just give in and take a bath. I'm sure your daughter enjoyed your company and I hope you are feeling better too :)


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I can relate. Everyday is a new day, my boyfriend says part of the reason he loves me so much is because everyday is a new adventure. lol. Too bad he doesn't know how hard those adventures are. :) If you don't mind me asking, were you diagnosed with pots before or after you children? I know I have a few years, but I am concerned about the difficulties raising children with this illness.


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Well I started having problems when I was 3 or 4. My first LOC was at 5 but it was in the school library and no one saw it but me...No one beleived me either. At 6 I lost consciousness in my moms car and was still out when she got me to the doc and they called it 'hypersomnolense'. I had more events and sometimes I would just lay and stare...they called that 'daydreaming'. Then I was in the hospital at 9, 11 and off and on from 16-18 years old...It got called a lot of things...fibro, cfs, hypoglycemia, anxioty, other various psychosomatic things, migrains, IBS....

I walked away at that point from docs...and just decided to pretend I was normal, so to speak.

When I was like 27 I had a lot of trouble after I Lost a baby... I was going unconscious on bus's, in bus stops, on downtown streets. So I went back to the doc, it was that or loose my job, and they thought it was the hypoglycemia...but the glucose was always normal when I could manage to test it before hitting the floor.lol

Then after my daughter was born it changed. More tachy stuff, more frequent bouts of swollen glands, more everything......I think it is because there is more stress on my system, basicallly cause my daughter is allergic to sleeping aparently...And my husband has heart problems so he could not help too much sometimes... I think every major stress my body endures changes it... Like everytime it gets bad, some new peculiarity is added to my list of things that happen everytime I have an event...

Having a kid is so worth it but we had to adopt a pretty strict schedule in order for me to deal...And you definately need help. I mean I have lost consciousness or had a problem in front of my daughter but I try like heck not too. kids put your body into sleep deprived mode and that is hard normally...It is also harder to take care of yourself...like stay in bed for the day when you are sick...

Also we tried preschool with her, but I had to pull her out. I was catching a bug a week and then started crashing big time over and over...I am still trying to figure out what to do about that. She is enrolled in kindergarten for next year.....but we shall see...parhaps a bubble suit?! lol

I was told vasovagal syndrome when my daughter was 2 but then again...I only wanted a quick letter to give to my boss to explain why sometimes I could not come in. I was not interested in anything more...

I go back to the cardiologist tomorrow...I think I am ready to dump the baggage and see what I can find out, and besides I feel like it is getting worse.

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