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Just to add to today's excitement, my cat had seizures


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My 20 year-old kitty, Jeri (short for Jeronimo--but she's a girl) went into insulin shock and started seizing a little before 9pm tonight. Scared the bejeebers out of me! She's been pretty stable on her shots for a year without a low blood sugar episode. Usually I see the preseizures (loss of alertness, pacing in circles, sniffing and bumping into walls) and am able to give her sugar to avoid them. She normally takes only about 10 minutes to perk up, but this time is was nearly 40 minutes before she was able to walk, and was alert enough for me to plant her in front of her favorite canned food.

Now I'm all adrenaline hopped up again... what a day! So much for my bright idea that I'd go to bed early. I'm still going to be up for at least a half hour making sure she's okay...and is starting to act a bit more like herself--complaining to me for being on the computer instead of in bed, where she likes to sleep on the top part of my pillow. I'll be happy to hear her whine to me tonight!

Taking deep breaths so I can eventually sleep.


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aw man....just what you needed. hugs & deep relaxing breaths to you & the kitty...


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Jeri is a happy kitty this morning after sleeping on my head from about 11pm onward :) We skipped her am insulin today--and right now, she's chowing down on some kibble.

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I am SO glad your Kitty is ok, now. They really our "kids" for many of us.

And to live 20 years. Just curious, what kind of cat food do you feed her?

I have this theory that all this EXPENSIVE PRESCRIPTION cat food causes more ills (kidney failuer, heart dissease, example)

When my one cat, who still seems healthy happy and playful except for some excess water drinking now and then, was dx with very early kidney failure after I demanded test. I "had a feeling". My vet called me and said "mom was right", the BUN level was elevated and the creatinine and a couple other things.

I told him I was tired of this as I gave my indoor only (safer!) filtered water, lots of toys and a big cat tree, the best food. He said "I know. Our barn cats eat purina cat chow and have outlived every cat we every had. Now we have 4 dogs".

Another person I know just feeds their cat cheap stuff and their cat is 20!

so my cats have to eat low residue due to potty issues.

So, I know your cat may be on special diet now with diabetes..but just curious on what kind of food she was on normally.

My next batch of cats are getting food from the grocery!! when you get adopted pets, you have no idea the medical background.

Again, I am glad Jeri is ok.

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Jeri and Abby (18) eat 'fancy feast' dry & canned. They used to eat Purina's Dental Care, but it's not available any longer. They were on very expensive food for a few months-both HATED it and lost weight, so I gave the stuff away.

I think they're happy/healthy also b/c their indoors... and I'm a nutty mom who notices if they're not quite right. We have a vet who makes house calls--an extra 30$, but sooooOOOOOoo worth it. Trying to get my two little kitty-Houdinni's into a carrier is quite a sight. Also, which ever one I get first lets the other know to RUN! :(

Thanks for all the well wishes for my elderly but spry kitty. :)

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NIna, that is great you have a vet who makes house calls. Many moons ago when I was married, we lived in a huge apt about a vet clinic and the vet was our best friend. He came upstairs to give shots and downstairs was an easy walk for exams!! For free!


My cat Oscar is kind of a Houdini (Imagine a partially autistic kid mixed with Tourettes)! He has mild Feline Hyperathesia syndrome...mild case thank GOD!) I often have to wrap him in a towel to get him in a carrier! He also has "spells" were he grunts and barks and runs around the room and stops to do some manic grooming! It's kind of scarey but he is really a sweet kid and I have socialized him since getting him as an orphaned kitten!!

We are tryiing to give Buspar to my room mates cat and she is such an aloof thing, she will not let me near her anymore and I had to do sneak attacks as it was to get a pill down her. I tried picking her up in between and brushing her and giving her treats.

Geez, we need a dart gun to give her "shots" of this med from across the room but don't think they make that for domestic animals. LOL.

Glad to hear your cat food deal is giving my theory more credibility. Your kitty has had a great life to have lasted this long and it had to be good genes AND good mama!!:(

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You know what's funny? I just looked up who makes Fancy Feast... (drum roll please) it's Purina. I do have to say that Purina has a very long history of making foods for a whole host of animals--just stop by your local farm supply to see who they feed other than kitties and puppies. I remember in college that the animal lab had rabbit chow, rat chow and mice chow--all by Purina. The company does extensive testing on all the lines they sell--farm, lab, and pet.

My late Mohawk, Jeronimo's sister, was a crazy nutball at the vet's office. The vet never could do an exam on her--they could only give her shots by stuffing the carrier full of towels, trapping her in the back section, then they'd administer the shot through the holes in the carrier.

Unfortunately, it's likely she was such a crazy girl because she had a heart problem and the stress of travel was making her very sick. But that's hindsight--she died at age 2 on the day that I moved house. I miss her still--she was quite the lovebug at home. And funny looking--her name came from the black and grey tabby stripe down the middle of head, right between her ears. The rest of her was pure white. She was something like having a dog--always in the window meowing at me as I pulled in the drive, and then at the door as soon as I opened it.

After she died I got a sweet phone call from our vet. She had just found out, and first she wanted me to know that there was nothing that I could have done -- and also to share with me that she had the exact same thing happen with her dog while she was in vet school. We both cried a little on the phone and then laughed with some funny stories. I fet so relieved after she called because in the back of my mind I felt like a bad mother-- and her call erased that feeling.

You are so right that pets can be like family. I swear that my cats are one of the reasons I'm able to keep my attitude positive. They always listen to me, and don't take it personally when I'm having a bad day. :)

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I just have one cat observation.

Why IS it, no matter how big the bed, one cat ALWAYS wants to sleep against my lower legs?? sometimes near the upper body but 90 %, lower legs. I often wake up on the diagonal or with stiff legs because my knees are bent as Marty is on my side of the bed where my calves should be! LOL.

Before I fall asleep, if he is on my lap or on my legs, I gently move his 14 lb, long body off of me and to the side. But by morning ? ? ?

I have a queen sized bed but when I had a king...same thing.

Oscar is wise enough to sleep on the other bed or snuggle up by my shoulders....BUT when I get up out of bed, Oscar hogs the warm spot and curls up by my pillow.

THIS is when his "autistic" like nature reveals itself. "I don't WANT TO BE TOUCHED". He will bat his paws at me, roll up like a pill bug and squawk...SIMPLY because I want to lie back down. Somedays he is so moody, it's kind of scarey but usually then I just pick up a cat toy and throw it and he leaps off the bed.

We could do a whole thread on cat stories and i could go on forever.

It would make a great 'sleep aid' for folks as I can be shameless and verbose!!:)

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Lucy Coco also eats Fancy Feast and Purina Cat Chow...She refuses to eat any other brand...spoiled!! LOL. But whenever I am sick I always look up and she is sleeping right next to me. It's weird how animals sense things...


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