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Medication Regiment


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Hello Everyone!~

I know that we all have different severities of pots along with different symptoms and medication interactions but I was wondering about my new batch of medications. Maybe if any of you have used them all together, any positive/negative responses? :D

My batch includes...

midodrine 3x daily 10mg

florinef 1x daily .1mg

therma tabs 3x daily

(I am adding them slowly into my original regiment of just 5mg midodrine 2x daily. )

I will add in that I have pots, ncs, and orthostatic hypotension. Along with severe pooling in legs/arms. ;)

Thank you for your input/suggestions! :)


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i was on that combination quite a few years ago & never had any problems with the combo per se.

i did have trouble tolerating thermo tabs so instead learned to increase my regular salt intake A LOT. and i always have issues with potassium on florinef (b/c i have them when i'm not on florinef as well). but these issues had nothing to do with the combination....just issues with some of the individual meds.

midodrine has definitely been one of my big helps over the years (to varying degrees at different times), florinef helped me at one point, and if my salt intake drops i can definitely tell.

i hope you have great success....

:D melissa

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