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Missed neuro appointment b/c of work--a slightly funny story


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As I've bemoaned for a number of weeks...okay... months, I've been a bit of a medical mess. Nightmare is more like it. I was so looking forward to seeing my neuro today to get a handle on the headaches and lack of sleep, which are messing with my ANS symptoms daily.I got called into a crisis sistuation at work, and couldn't leave the student until he was calm again--took hours--but I was so busy I didn't realize the time. The kid gave me a royal butt-kicking. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's funny that the child was in distress--just the chain of events. I worked with him from before 9 until about 1pm because we had 4 of our 6 staff out due to illness.

The child I was with kept alternating between being compliant and calm and being highly aggressive and destructive. It was about a half hour past my appointment when I realized I'd missed my appointment. While my student was calming down (no longer agressive, just yelling), I called the doctor's office and got voicemail, so I left an apology and asked to reschedule; The scheduling nurse was kind of snotty with me when she called, but I did explain that I was a behaviorist and had an emergency...and was very sorry. I think she thought I was lying, but right after I said it, she heard the kid screaming in the background--I told her "uh, yeah, that's why I'm late", to which she said "I think we can forgive you"--in a much nicer tone that the snotty voice I got from her in the beginning of my call.

The child screamed a few more times during my call, banging on the walls for good measure :angry: and the nurse kept asking me if I was okay and I kept saying "yes, just a student with autism having a bad day"--it was all kind of surreal, but funny. I did manage to score another appointment on the 22nd of March--better than the 3mos I waited for the appointment I missed today--and I even got a nice comment on the other end that she hoped that my day got better :) Actually, the student was fine within about another half hour--poor guy has more health problems than I do, and doesn't have many ways to let us know other than his behavior.

In my heart, I know I did the right thing by staying with my student--there's no way one fo the substitutes would have known what to do and have gotten through the crisis without injury. Thanks for listening. Just needed to have some closure on my day and consolation for missing the appointment.

Meanwhile, I'm physically wrecked for the rest of today. My adrenaline rush from this morning is over and I'm feeling like i'm running on fumes, I'm sore and having giant back spasms, and spasms in my shoulders, arms and knees. I should (hoping, hoping, hoping...) sleep like the dead tonight :)


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Hi NIna

I am sorry for you missed appointment. I remember it happened to me once that I had a client in a such a crisis that I could not leave the office and I missed my doctor's appointment. I felt responsible for my client but I felt bad for myself. I had to pay for the visit even if I did not show up. Sometimes we are stuck in situations in which we have little control!

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I'm glad you were able to stay with this child at a time when he probably really needed some consistency and stability but I'm so sorry it was at the expense of you missing your appt!!!! What a bummer; especially when you really do need this appt but at least they were able to reschedule you within a reasonable amount of time.

Maybe you can throw a rice pack or some other heat pack of some type on your back and veg out a little this evening with some good company, a favorite tv show or a nice book!! :D

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Vegging out is in my master plan for the night :) I already have flexeril on board... spasms aren't as bad now.

It may sound strange, but I get so focused at my job, I almost don't notice my own body, especially during high intensity moments. I have to say that today i stretched myself to my limit; at one point I leaned down to move a chair out of the way and I saw stars--lights flashing in my eyes. Things were calming down a little then, so I chugged a bottle of water and that got me through. I can't tell you how relieved I was when the lead teacher returned to the classroom from a meeting and I was able to go. It wasn't until then, that I started to *really* feel crummy.

I looked lovely too ;) NOT... sweating like an animal, disheveled ...and, my student got pizza all over me--mmmm pizza sauce and cheese on my white sweater. What was I thinking wearing white to work?? :D That's okay--me and the sweater are both washable.

Nina :)

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wow Nina bless you! your are a very strong person to go thru that for 4+ hours.. I dont know how you do it!!

I'm so sorry that you missed you long awaited appointment..but am glad that you are able to get back in sooner the a 3 month wait.. take it easy tonight!

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applause applause for your continued dedication to your kids. they are SO lucky to have you.

and - while i know it's not "funny" in that sense of the word i did get a chuckle upon reading that so many of your co-workers were out sick. i hate to break it to you but you're not the picture of health :D

i'm super sorry that you missed your appointment but am glad that the scheduler came around and that you don't have to wait another 3 months. but oh how i wish it was tomorrow!

keep on hangin in there....as i know you are,

;) melissa

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