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Attempting full time study again *fingers crossed*


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Hi Everyone,

I am enrolled in full time study this semester, this is the fourth time i have tried to do full time study in the past 5 years. I have not managed it previously but i am really determined to do it this time (i was determined previous times but i think i am stronger now). I was just wondering if there was any hints you could pass on? I am making sure all my work is spread out and i have notetakers and computers for exams. Its 9 hours of class a week (3 classes) and i am there for 4 hours monday, 4 hours wednesday and one hour thursday.

I have to complete this semester full time to qualify for exchange second semester. I may have bit off more than i can chew this year but i feel like maybe i have to keep stretching myself as i have been getting stronger so there is no point doing less than i am capable of. I can handle the fainting i just hope my mind does not go all foggy, i will try to stay positive though. Any positive vibes or prayers would be greatly appreciated :)

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Guest tearose

Good luck!

You probably can manage just fine if you pace yourself and keep up with the work. DO NOT get behind in the reading and reading and papers and more reading!!!

Experience has taught us that we must do more when we are feeling strong so when and if we are hit with a little setback we don't loose all our ground. Are you with me?

Do a little more, go ahead of schedule and be prepared for little glitches.

This way you won't find yourself with two papers and 800 pages of reading and suddenly have a cold and can't do what you had wished.

Another suggeston..enjoy this exciting time of your life and have fun!! :)

oh, one more thing, do you carry a seat cane? I don't know how much standing you may have to do on campus but I found having a chair by my side a big help.

with lots of positive vibes, thoughts and support,.....take care, tearose

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I can only share what helps me...

Keep a schedule for studying at the time of day when I do my best (early afternoon/evening).

Identify myself to the university's disabilities office to make sure that absences for health reasons are not held against me.

Make friends with folks in classes who seem to be good at taking summary notes for the times when I can't be there.

Keep to a good sleeping/eating schedule, as both impact upon my ability to concentrate.

Bring water and snacks with me to school.

Vent when I need to.

I know these all seem pretty common sense, but I haven't found any magic thing that keeps it all going for me--except trying to keep my motivation up, and remind myself about why I'm working so hard. Also, I have a few friends I call on, as well as my spouse, to support me when I say to them "remind me why I'm doing all this, because right now I just want to stop."

Good luck!

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Hi Evie,

If I got my masters with POTS you will do fine. I made all my instructors aware of my disorder right away, at orientation. I was also able to ask to take exams when i wasnt in a bain fog. I kept a 3.8 gpa too. The reading was the hardest, my daughter read to me a lot and that helped. I also recorded lectures.

Take your classes a t a good time of day for you. It wasnt unusual for me to lay on the windowsill, I kept one of those pillows with the arms in one of my classrooms.

Also, take as many online classes as possible, you can do the work on your own schedule.

Good Luck, Dont worry, your classmates will get used to you. I got my masters in Nursing, I dont know if that was good or bad but at least I taught them something new. I should have done my thesis on POTS.



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Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts! Each time i go back into full time study i am sure that i will cope, yet i dont. This time i am doublely sure!

I am very lucky that all my assesments are spaced out except for tbe final week but hopefully i can shuffle a exam and essay around. That makes a huge difference for me. I found my 10am class hard this morning and i think i will need some food/drink to get through it as its 2 hours. Officially you are not allowed to eat but i will ask for permission. Has anyone else had experience with them allowing (or not allowing) you to eat in a lecture? In the past i have drank tea in a tutorial when i was really shakey and they did not mind, i wish this was a big lecture hall but it isnt so others will be able to see me eat. After the 2 hour lecture i have another one and i was really happy that i lasted 3 hours! I actually was better in the second lecture where i feard that i would be really zonked. It seems offical that mornings are not for me heh.

Next semester i will most likely be overseas and doing 4 subjects as its a visa requirement... At first i was really upset as i figure i would never cope with 4 subjects and i had better let the dream of studying overseas go .. but i decided i will at least try. Worst case senario is that i fail. Im trying to put on a brave face for my family as i dont want to worry them (they know that it may be tough for me though). I can cope with the fainting, i just cant cope with the brain fog or the extreme lethergy/muscle pain. I think i just needed somewhere to vent my hopes and fears, i hope i bring you good news at the end of the semester :D

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