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Another medical record question


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I have one more question now that I have my mediacl records in front of me. I'm hoping this will make sense to someone here since it makes none to me but sounds important.

"TTT showed immediate 35mm Hg drop in systolic BP with recovery, hr increment of 42 bpm initially with stabilization and at least 30 bpm above baseline in later portion of tilt. This was interpreted as showing evidence for pre and post-ganglionic sudamotor dysfunction and vasomotor adrenergic dysfunction with inappropriate postural tachycardia"

The part that makes no sense is when they interpretated it. Does that say what type of POTS I have?

If anyone understand this please respond because I can't afford to make an appointment with my doctor just so they can explain it to me.

I'm hoping it will help direct me in the right treatment?

Just a note for everyone get your medical records I'm amazed at the things they don't think are important to discuss with me.

Thanks for all your help! You guys ROCK!!!!


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It sounds as if you have POTS with some loss of catacholamine function ... hence the initial orthostatic hypotension during the tilt . It could be that your symptoms may be due to some withdrawal of your Parasympathetic .... so Mestinon might help .However Im not a Dr this is just my interpretation.

Hope it helps


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Guest tearose

I can tell you what it means...however I encourage you to pick up the phone and ask for the results to be explained to you!!!

Even if the doctor tells me "I covered this with you already" I kindly say..."I am sorry but I don't recall the conversation. Please review it with me again."

This happens to me more than I'd like to admit but it is not for my lack of interest....I do have problems with memory and processing new information sometimes....hey, this is a problem many of us share so any doctor who treats a person with dysautonomia has to be understanding.

good luck!

make the phone call!


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Well I set up an appointment for a consultation on March 6th so she can explain my medical records. I can't talk to my doctor on the phone unless it is an emergency. Her helper will relay questions and call me back with her answers.

*Tearose if you have a minute can you give me a quick explanation if you know what it means. Should I be worried?

That's for your imput Margaret.


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