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Son with POTS /daughter showing signs also


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My 18 year old son has had pots for 3 and half years now. Now my daugher is showing signs also. For over a year now she has been dizzy upon standing and her standing heart rate is between 120 - 130. We are waiting for some blood work from the Dr. to check for other things.Thyroid etc..... She was negative for Mono but she is ALWAYS tired and never feels rested. I am very worried------ No one in our family seems to have POTS so I guess I and concerned about this. The only way to really find out is the tilt table Right right........................?????



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A tilt table test, although helpful, does not make for a conclusive diagnosis in and of itself. There are both LOTS of false positives and false negatives with the TTT. There are many reasons for this including (but not limited to) how the test is done, if medications were used or if you were on meds at the time of the test or did not allow enough time for them to clear your system, if the Dr knows truly how to interpret the results etc.

The TTT is just one of several, along with a record of symptoms that should be kept that will really help confirm a diagnosis.

Hang in there and I do hope you get some answers soon.

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This sounds very familiar. My 16 yr. old began dispalying the same symptoms but also with alot of unexplained gastrointesinal symptoms. She went undiagnosed officially for almost 3 years, even though I decided it was POTS after about 6 months. Her Pediatrician agreed after the on slaught of web sites I started sending her on POTS, Oi, etc. After testing negative for mono 3 times, she tested positive in the ER. During those 3 yrs she had a negative TTT, which I disagreed with the Cardiologist and Nurse on their findings as they did not listen to her history. Through persistance last year we finally saw Dr. Hasan Abdullah, Pediatric Cardiologist, in Sterling VA who through an echo while laying prone and also while standing upright, with the computerized TTT diagnosed her with POTS. What I learned along the way was that no one payed any attention to her BP and Pulse Rate. Once I started tracking this in additon to her other symptoms I had more concrete data to show the Doctors. Good Luck!

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