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Rose Dotson MI from Mayo Update NEED SUPPORT


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Has anyone ever been seen by or heard of Rose M Dotson from the

Regional Neurology Center in Milwaukee. She used to work with Dr.

Low at Mayo and he is referring me to her. I know I have heard the

name before from another member, but can't remember who. I also have

found her on the internet in the past, but now I can't. BRAIN FOG!!

I am just wanting details about her and what she all treats etc. If

anyone has seen her, how she was regarding these types of

conditions, etc. You know the fears of getting your hopes up for

each next Dr. and not having things work out, causing you to fear

the appt. with the next.

Sorry, I have been away from the group. As you may remember from my prior posts I failed more testing,

became sicker, my doctors said my illness has gone beyond there level of expertise and my condition is more chronic, severe then previously thought. So the wee bit of energy I have goes to my

responsibilities & children.

Also, some may remember that my daughter, now 18, has this condition. Now my son, 10, is displaying symptoms, seeing his doctor, having testing & has been referred to a cardiologist or for all the usual

tests to determine if he has the condition as well. Once again, as a mother, gone through this before. My heart is breaking for my son. He also has been sick for the past 3 weeks with atypical pneumonia &

asthma...so many meds for that & for migraines. Many dr. visits.

I could say so much more, but will leave it at that, as it is the gist of things.(and this is long enough)Thanks in advance to all who reply.

Prayers & hugs to all! Renee

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Hi Renee,

Sorry to hear your not feeling well, and now your children aren't. Thanks for checking in and giving us an update, I was curious to see how you are doing. I hope you find a doctor who can help you and your kids up.


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I am the one that goes to see Dr. Rose Dotson every 4-6 weeks. She definitely understands alot about POTS and dx me with Autonomic Neuropathy.

She has ran every test imaginable through Mayo Clinic trying to search for the etiology.

She also works with alot of people so her refferals (gasto doc, endo etc.) are usually as good as she is.

She hasn't cured me (if that's possible) but I feel VERY confident having her on my side. And I know she keeps her self updated so when new information comes out I'm sure she'll bring it to my attention.

You can PM me if you need any more info. I hope she's a good fit for you and your children.

Where in Wisconsin do you live?


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I also see Dr. Dotson. The Medical College of Milwaukee Neurologists sent me to her because they ran out of ideas! They all met and decided no neurologist there could treat me. She was a principal player in getting and setting up the autonomic function lab at The Medical College. I have autonomic neuropathy and raynaud's with a lot of other funky symptoms. She gets patients from all over that are hard to diagnosis. She discovered that several tests were not done that I should have had. She also sent me to a cardiologist as a precaution before putting me on Mestinon. She made sure I got the Chief of Cardiology. He found that I have a slow message to my atria, which of course, after many tests cannot be explained as so many of my symptoms have been. She will spend time listening you! After many years and many doctors, I finally found a great neurologist! I haven't gone in to try the Mestinon yet.

Take care,


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Thank you all for the replies!

My son is really taking this in stride with a positive attitude!

I am having trouble now getting in to see Dr. Rose Dotson, even though Mayo referred me. The neurologist here is working on it & I am waiting for them to get back to me. Although, from what I have heard, Dr. Dotson sounds like she would be a great Dr. I just hope if they can't get me in with her that they find someone familiar with this condition to treat me!

For those of you who see Dr. Dotson, we must be in close proximity then. Dr. Dotson is about 100 miles from me.

Well Wishes to you all! Renee

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