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big dizzy spells & pulse drop while sitting


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yea, mine usually does it when I am standing or particularly if I go from laying to sitting to standing...my body does not like that for some reason, although you would think that would be easier on my system... But this time I was just sitting w/ my feet up...

I am glad I see the cardiologist next week cause my body is definately not happy right now.

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yeah my pulse tends to drop in any position as well.. during my first TTT my pulse went from 130 to 70 just like that then back up to the 130 just like that..sometimes big drops sometimes not so big drops but still profound in how it makes you feel.. YUCKY!!

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my pulse levels drop significantly when I sit or lay down too.

I think mine is because my heart doesn't have to work so hard to get the blood flowing.

Hope the cardio has some answers for you :D


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