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Interstim therepy


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I was wondering if anyone out there has had the excessive urination to the point of getting up 6 or more times a night, and in the daytime, I go in excess of 15 times a day. The Dr. is going to try the Interstim therapy for urinary control. Has anyone tried it? I know excessive urination is part of POTS, but now I'm not sleeping, and all my other symptoms are remarkably worse and out of control. Oh boy...

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I have not heard of this technique you mentioned. Many of us have benefitted by taking DDAVP. I have used it for years and get it directly from the drug company (via my docs office)

i can urinate LITERALLY every 15 minutes and years ago lost 5 lbs a day. and it is exhausting. Testing to see if one could benefit from DDAVP is risky/dangerous and or complicated and interpretation leaves something to be desired. A water deprivation test is needed and my doctor told me never to go w/o fluids.

Therefore, going on clinical symptoms, and ruling out kidney issues and other hormones, DDAVP can be beneficial.

You may want to discuss this with your doctor. DDAVP is used in bedwetting for children and in diabetes insipidius. Many of us have symptoms of the latter but not the true illness. Even if we did, DDAVP is the treatment.

I am not promoting DDAVP but would CERTAINLY try this med over a surgical procedure. Again, read up about it and discuss with your doctor.

Good luck.

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Hi Martha! I'm also curious if you've taken any meds for your frequency. Interstim is a big step and of course with it being a surgery you have alot of risks. Have you done alot of research on it yet? Benefits and risks? Have you talked to any other people that have had it done? How long has your symptoms of frequency been going on? Just make sure to give yourself enough time to find out all you can about it.

I have IC so I definetly have the frequency. Usually between 18-28 times a day. I used to get up numerous times each night, but my meds have helped with that. Now it's 0-2 times a night. I hope you find some relief soon.

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