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What a NICE guy!

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I have now been unable to work for 1 1/2 years. I was the only source of income for me, mt husband and my 12-year-old son. My husband had a head injury in 1990 and at that time his family was in such denial they would not "allow" him to go on SSDI. When I started getting sick I told him he needed to pursue it before we ended up with no income. Of course, he didn't. The week after I worked my last day we went in together to apply. His is going somewhat faster than mine but so far neither of us has been approved.

We have been distressed due to our car being high mileage - 288,000 miles on our little Suzuki. Last Sunday one of the men at our church - who buys and sells cars - came up to me and handed me the keys and title to a 1986 Lincoln Town car. Talk about shocked! I was speechless! He said he was worried about our vehicle situation too; and this one would be big and comfortable for me. He was actually concerned that I had something nice - even though I don't drive anymore. What a nice guy who is also understanding of my situation. The car is in perfect shape, and a dream to ride in! Now if we can just afford gas...

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That is a very sweet and generous deed! I'm very happy for you :rolleyes:

It still amazes me sometimes that there are actually great people out there, with todays society. This website has helped make me a believer too. It's been nice getting to know everyone and their sincere thoughts and willingness to help.

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Guest Julia59

I'm so glad for you that this nice guy came into your life. I know an elderly couple that used to live next door to us, who had a nice gesture come their way.

This couple had their share of hard times---with this gentleman's heart condition. Only about half his heart is working---and now his kidney's no longer work. Their spirit is awsome though. They have since moved away to a retirement community in a small house they had built---perfect for them. This man worked so hard all his life---and saved every penny he could. This is a couple that planned their retirement to the penny.

We still keep in touch. :rolleyes: They were gettting their older car fixed one day, and the bill ended up be much bigger then they expected. Then they were informed that an additional $100.00 was needed for further repairs. They live on a very tight budget with all the prescription expences 80 year old people have---so needless to say, they didn't have it. Then a stranger who was also getting his car fixed handed them a $100.00.

They told the guy they couldn't accept such a generous gift---but the guy insisted.

They later found out that this gentleman is very well off, and that he does this kind of thing from time to time.

It is so nice to hear such wonderful stories. You were truly blessed---and I hope the blessings keep coming and coming.

Julie :0)

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Wow! I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around, but I'm referring to the good things! You must be a very good person, too!

Hope the SSRI situation improves!

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