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Zelnorm seems to be working for me


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Since some have had problems with Zelnorm, I thought I'd share that so far, I've not had any side effects other than the one I'd hoped for...

My guts have started working again, at least for now, and not not *too* well, as others have reported. I'm off to a conference for 3 days, so we'll see how it works when I'm usually at my worst because business trips are when I get totally off schedule--sleep, eating, and ...um... "going".


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hip hip horrah! so glad that the zelnorm is treating you the same way it has treated me.

about time you had at least SOMETHING going right, eh? now to just get the rest of you fixed up B)

:) melissa

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Glad the Zelnorm is helping somewhat....Now to get rid of those headaches! B)


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