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I'm so excited!


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Hi, everyone.

Do you all remember last year when I had such a terrible ER experience that I sent packets of POTS information to my town's two hospitals and a bunch of doctors, in hopes that they would learn something and not treat me or any other POTS patient like a lunatic ever again? Well, an educational seminar for the medical community in my area came out of that, and Dr. Grubb will be appearing at that seminar tonight, to teach doctors in my area about POTS! I asked if I could go, and after two months of requests, they said I could. I'm hoping to talk with Dr. Grubb afterwards.

I will share my notes with all of you--I'm gonna tape the presentation and take notes-- once I get them in order and feel well enough to sit at the computer to post them.

I'm so very excited to hear Dr. Grubb speak on the latest in POTS. I'm also excited to think I may get to speak to him about my situation, since I don't have a POTS doctor and have been pretty much treating myself for years, which has left me bedridden on more than one occasion. :P

I hope this finds you all doing better. Talk with you all hopefully soon.


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Guest Julia59

That's great LindaJoy------I love it----doctors being educated!

Where do you live? I know we had a small conference in Toledo----Which we all know that is where his office is located. I was fortunate to be part of that since I live in Toleod, but doctors were not educated---it was patients and their families.

This was in Oct. 2002. I did not get to make it to the big conference in Washington in the summer of 2002---I had my surgery--and it was too close to the date of the conference, so I donated the conference fee.

We'll be looking forward to hear how it went! :P

Julie :0)

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congrats on being a part of making the talk happen & then on persisting to be able to attend. i hope your night was a good one & that you found dr. grubb as enjoyable & informative of a speaker as others have (me included).

B) melissa

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