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My doctor prescribed Requip for me today to try to settle all this down


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He had given me this for restless leg syndrome when I was in the hospital - it worked great - and it is also used for Parkinson's - and now we are going to try it to settle the dizzies that came back, the vision issues and the not being able to sleep. The hope is that it relaxes the system down enough to cause all these problems. We are going to try this for the next 3 days and then decide more on Thursday. At least this will take care of the restless leg when it hits. When I get it it is SO AWFUL. You can't control the shaking legs - I have to bouce them while sitting. It brings me to tears it is so bad.

The vision problem just won't get any better. I am just waiting to wake up and not be able to see at all. I can't stand it when all I see is blur. I have had pretty decent vision up until the past few years. I have bifocals, but mainly for reading and for the computer - and now I am just having issues seeing anything. I hate it!

The thing is...I had Requip in the hospital...I've lost days while in the hospital - and we are not sure if it was due to this med or not. The side effecets are syncope - which is what we are trying to settle down - it also can cause symptomatic hypotension and hallucinations - just what I need, eh?

I just hope that it just works and I don't have these side effects - I am sure work would LOVE me to be hallucinating while working. I bet I could make some VERY interesting yellow page ads feeling that way.

OKAY - Let's just hope this works.

I am staying on the Zyprexa too - only 2.5 mg for now though. At 5 mg the sugar cracvings were just too much. I gained back a lot of the weight I lost due to the eating issue. I am not eating a lot now either but it is bad weight, due to all the sugar I have been taking in.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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