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Anyone Ever Had shooting pains in lower abdomen?


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Hi all.

Anyone ever had shooting pains?

Sometimes i can sit there and i pain in my lower part of the body, near my stomach just attacks, lasts about 2 seconds, but makes you jolt like a shock.

Dont get it often but when i do its really freakkkky.

Anyone had it?

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Guest Belinda

I also get shooting pains all over not at the same time or anything and not always in the same place..they are sharp feels like being stabbed or what I would imagine it to feel like. Then comes and goes.

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Shooting pains......Story of my life. Mine are mostly in my abdomen. Nothing really seems to help either, so I wish I had some advice to give you, but unfortunately I don't.


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Its not pleasant but I think it happens to all of us. :) My is normally accompanied by muscle spasms too. Not really sure how to make them disapate, but i'm on my way to my ep to hand her a list of my symptoms and hopefully she will have some answers. Best of luck :)


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