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hyperadrenergenic pots


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I have adrenergic POTS and have tried a gazillion beta blockers, but have not been successful with them. I have also tried mestinon (made me MORE adrenergic), lunesta (good for sleep), xanax (also good for sleep and it helps when a surge is coming on). Sometimes, when a surge hits, benadryl and a zyrtec will stop it.

So, I think I have mast cell involvement. I take benadryl as needed, but zyrtec seems to help me the most. I would recommend ANYONE who has the adrenergic form to TRY zyrtec. It made a difference with me within 36 hours.

The last few weeks I've tried minocycline, and I feel ALMOST well. I'm going to try it a few more weeks, and if if it still a tremendous help, I'm sending out the news bulletin!!!! Minocycline helps regenerate nerves, which is why we decided to try it, but no one else that I'm aware of is using it. I'm almost afraid to hope, you know?

Typically, beta blockers are what people with this type take, but I wheezed and it didn't usually help after the first day. Then it caused depression after 3-4 weeks. I am a doctor and knew it could cause depression, but it just sneaks up on you, so please be careful if you try it.

Good luck!

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