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POTS and Narcolepsy


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Ernie, I don't recall anyone here on DINET reporting having narcolepsy. However, a long time ago, I think there was someone on the NDRF forum who had it--I would suggest going over there and using the search feature to see what you can find.

Hope you find what you're looking for. Nina

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Hi Ernie,

i have periods in which i have insomnia but don't get in trouble during the day and there are other periods in which i fall asleep no matter what i'm doing. for example when i was playing a boardgame with my kids on just a sunday afternoon i suddenly had to stop because i felt that i was falling asleep. i've had that while i was computering too, i laid my head on the desk and fell asleep, waking up about 15 minutes later.

i don't go to bed during the day anymore because i can stay in my chair and fall asleep very easily. i sleep about 30 to 60 minutes per time that i fall asleep, several times a day.

i haven't asked a doctor about this, i think i should but i don't have the energy to find out what's wrong. it's just another thing that bothers me :lol:


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I was diagnosed with "Narcolepsy without Cataplexy" two years prior to onset. Basically because I can see images when in a wakened dream state. I am awake, but having hallucinations because part of my brain is asleep. They would only happen at night as I was trying to sleep though- plenty traumatic (huge spiders, fire and things) but never dangerous.

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