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the IV magic is gone!


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BOOOO the IV fluid didnt last as long as I hoped that ti would! though I had a few hours of feeling ok.. and I was able to actually eat during that time w/o getting sicker then a dog! I started to crash around 1am.. and was zonked out from 4am till after 6pm this evening.. I was up long enough to let the Lab tech in to draw my blood.. and I couldnt even sit up!!

I attempted to check my pulse and BP.. and my pulse is/was like unfindable.. and the Bp cuff machine thingy kept reading error!! so I never did get a reading...

this makes me feel so sad.. It amazes me that something so simple offer relief for me.. and there are restriction put on it! how can these insurnace companies live with them selves or sleep at night knowing that they are in a word "causing complete and utter" misery and distress for people!! B) Just really fyr's my glutious!! (rear-end!)

I hate the feeling that comes over me before I have a paralysis epsiode.. it is horrible.. and there is nothing right now that i can do to make it stop!! OHHHHHHH I want to SCREAM!!! if i had the strength to scream i would!

I hate no being able to eat or drink anything.. and going for days without being able to do so.. even teenytiny sips of fluid make me puke or wanna puke.. and I'm so tired of people telling that i have to force myself to eat and drink.. you know dont you think I know that?? I'm not stupid.. If I could swallow with out choking on my food and liquid.. I would!! and if I had an appetite or even a slight interest in food I WOULD!! and if it didnt cause me such pain.. I would.. and poeple are so rude about it too.. I'm like try to imagine waht it is like to have the flu..a heart attack..an astma attack..and a migraine all at the same time.. and you tell me how gun-ho you would be about wanting to eat or drink! if you had just the flu or a migrain you would be like H*LL NO!!

And I am tired of trying to defend myself for the reason why I need IV's.. and all the stupid azz questions that come along with it!!.. and trying to explain that POTS.. you know your body just does not work as a body that doesnt have pots would.. but it is like SERIOUSLY over peoples heads.. its like they look at you like you are speaking a foreign launguage or that you have 4eyes and are green and have Horns growing out your head and a tail growing out your butt! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr


UGH I feel so icky.. back to the couch I go..sorry for the vent.. but I am SOOOOOOO ________fill in bad word here...

averydizzycantbeverticleand am horizontleinsteaddizzygirl!

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Hi.. you are a sweetie.. I got a cardfrom you yesterday I think.. and it was very sweet! made me cry.. in a good way.. B)

I wish that the medical community would listen to me.. when I tell them what helps me.. and I falt out told them that 500cc of fluid jst wasnt going to cut it.. last month when I was in the hospital they gave me about 10 1/2 bags over about 3 days.. and even though I was so very sick.. and couldnt like move hardly at all.. once I was able to move about and eat alittle I felt TONS better! and felt decent for about 5 days.. and was hafl functional!!

BUt..I am hoping to get the guru of pots to help me with this asap.. so I hope that things start looking up soon!!

sorry to keep posting depressing posts.. thank-you guys for being there! I appreciate it.. :o

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