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Hyperadrenergic symptoms


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For those who have primarily hyperadrenergic POTS, I would be interested to know what symptoms you have that are considered hyperadrenergic. I would assume, for example, that things like facial flushing, hot flashes, and pupil dilation would be considered hyperadrenergic responses. Is that correct? Also, for those who have a diagnosis of hyperadrenergic POTS, has your doctor classified your POTS that way based on symptoms or based on specific testing?

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Guest tearose

I don't think everyone gets all the same symptoms. I think in general, I have pots symptpms, poor temperature regulation, problems with digestion, low blood pressure...I only get the bad hyperadrenergic symptoms when pushed to an extreme. It can be different depending on the situation for me. Say for example I am fighting a cold. I will surely feel the "dump" of norepinepherine just walking across the room or upon standing for more than a few minutes.

To focus on the "worst" would be: feeling the dump at the back of my neck and in the front of my chest/ feeling flushed/seeing spots/feeling short of breath/ feeling my brain go numb...I never had the energy or curiosity enough to look in a mirror to see if my pupils were dilated!

I'm a well tested patient first at a few places in New York and then extensive testing at the Mayo Clinic in MN and the results of this extensive Mayo work up is what documented my type of POTS and dysautonomia in reams of paper!!!

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It has not been found that symptoms of POTS (of a particular form of it) are based on what "type" you have. The symptoms vary from person to person.

The only way to know if you have the hyperadrenergic form is to have a combination of test done; one of those being a serum catecholamine test. There are very few places that know how to perform this test properly (Mayo and Vanderbilt are two). I don't know about Cleveland Clinic or Johns Hopkins or other facilities.

The only difference it makes in treatment really is it MIGHT indicate what med(s) would be "wisest" to try first above the others. It's largely a trial and error approach though and at this point with the knowledge and research known it doesn't make a huge difference.

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I have Hyperadrenergic POTS. I had a test done for this at the Cleveland Clinic. When this happens to me I can tell you it is different from my other symptoms of POTS. I get really emotional and I usually cry, I have trouble standing, I usually feel I am going to get sick. It almost feels like I drank too much alcohol. If I do not lay down, I will pass out. It is the worse feeling I have ever had. This response is differnt from my everyday symptoms. My everyday symptoms are not as urgent. When I become hyperadrenergic I feel like there is nothing I can do. This is when I want to go to the hospital and check in.


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Ditto what Pooh bear said. I think the meds are trial and error, no matter which kind you have. Some of us don't seem to tolerate any of the treatments.

As far as symptoms (that's what I have to go by, as I live in the sticks) my neck flushes badly, tachycardia, out of control bp, horrible headache, and my hands and feet turn to ice blocks. Then they turn to fire walls.

I never used to be a person who had to deal with headaches. Everything else in the world, but not headaches. I think they are bp related. morgan Also I nausea every night. gross

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