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Ortho- Evra and stroke risk


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There is an article in the news today re the Ortho-Evra patch and increased stroke risk. Women who have used the patch as opposed to tradiontal birth control pills have had three times the incidence of death and stroke as a result of the patch. Not to be an alarmist- ortho-evra patches can be a blessing for their convenience. However, in certain segments of the population they are bad, bad options. High blood pressue and smoking are two of the risk factors the article listed. However, I can tell you from PERSONAL experience that if you have a history of migraines STAY AWAY FROM THE PATCH. My prescribing doctor did not discuss my migraine hx with me prior to putting me on the patch about five years ago and I ended up with some serious, serious problems. So, I know a lot of you are migrainers- if you are on birth control make sure your doctor knows about your migraines. AND DO NOT LET HIM/HER PUT YOU ON THE PATCH WITHOUT A LITTLE RESEARCH FIRST. The problem is that the patch has a lot more estrogen than comparable pills (which five years ago we thought it was about the same amount of estrogen- that has turned out to be FALSE). So, be careful, be informed, and make sure your doctor is informed.


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