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Mrs. Glass

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After many emails and faxes, I finally have an appointment with Vanderbilt. I will be there March 20th. I am so glad because I am getting worse as the days go by. I just hope that I can make the trip. At least I dont have to go off of all of my meds. I can still take the coumadin and the travatan, but most of the others I will have to be off of from 24 hours to 3 days before I get there. I know they are not miracle workers, but if they could just diagnose me and give me a treatment plan for my doctors here to follow it will have been worth it.

I have not been posting because it is next to impossible for me to sit at the computer, and right now I feel horrible, but I wanted everyone to know that I am still here. I am just to sick to do anything right now.

It seems like it is taking forever just to get this post done, then back to bed. I will try to keep posting but if I dont hopefully I will be able to after I come back from Nashville. Vanessa :(

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good luck with your journey to Vandy!

I hope you get some details to help you treat your individual case. AND good luck with the long trip. Are you driving or flying?

While I hear follow up is disappointing from MANY research centers, at least getting details from your tests should help to understand your body. Ask for the details BEFORE YOU LEAVE. :(

Keep us posted when you feel up to it.

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I do hope you start feeling better soon and they have some answers for you at Vanderbuilt.

In my thoughts and prayers,


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Hey Vanessa,

Glad to see that you got an apptmt. It seems like you got in relatively fast :) . I am also curious as to whether you are driving or flying there...? Which ever way you take to get there good luck with the trip! I hope that the docs at Vanderbuilt can find a treatment that works for you. Goodluck and please keep us updated on how you make out.


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Good luck with your appointment. I know that going Vanderbilt gave me peace of mind, and they did find a medication that seems to be working. Mostly, knowing exactly what's wrong with you should make you feel better. You'll love the nurses, they're so sweet! Are you being admitted, or just an outpatient appointment?

- lauren

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Vanessa-I am happy for you!! I am so very glad that you got in!! I realy hope that they can offer you some insight and help for your individual case!! god bless you! and take it easy!! is somebody going with you to vandy?? I'd hate to see you make that long trip alone!!



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