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I hope that this means that there is relief in sight??


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Well I had another bad bad epsiode with passing out and full paralysis.. YUCKY YUCK!! so once I finally could move and speak I called the doc and told that I must have IV fluids.. and low and behold the agency that carries the supplies called and told me that my nurse/ or a nurse will be here tomorrow morning before Noon to hook me up.

I was like YEAH!! finally I have only needs IV fluids for the past 2 weeks! no wonder I feel horrid!

I still feel like poo tonight.. but atleast have some possible relief in sight for a few hours tomorrow!!.. that is enough to put smile on my cold painful body.. that doesnt like me anymore!!

Nice combo painpills and Iv fluid! what more could girl ask for! LOL kidding :lol: ..kinda :)

thought I'd share my news with you.. sene you all have been so good at listening to me in mytime of "need" or physical and emotional meltdown!


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CONGRATS Linda!!!! I know you have been waiting soo long for this! :) I bet you are going to feel noticably better after you get a few bags in you! Keep us updated on how you make out tomorrow.


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Guest Belinda

linda.....YAHHH!!! So happy for you...thank goodness. Maybe that will keep you out of the stinky ER!!

At least part of the fight is over concerning the IV's and the doctors. I tried calling you the last few eves but your phone is always busy...I am going to call you busygirl instead of dizzygirl!!

I am so happy for you..dear!


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Hi folks!

I did get alittle bit of an IV today.. the dco only ordered 500cc to be infused.. :) ..I waslike what! after all the hassel and fight to get it and I dont get the full bag!!

But none the less i did get the 1/2 a bad.. here at home.. they said that for now this is only a one time thing.. and then will go from there..

So idid get 500cc run thru at a time frame of about 4 hours.. and it did help alittle bit.. I do feel less dizzy.. then i did before the IV started.. Now had they given me 2 bags like I asked for I probably would be feeling LOts and LOTS better!!

my pain level is starting to go dwon on its own..I am afraid to take any pain pills.. as I had an allergic reaction to an anti-inflammatory the other day.. and just am not up to trying yet another med. and having another allergic reaction to it!!

I think I developing some anxiety in reagrds to mediations.. I have an allergic reaction to so many meds!! that i dont even want to mess with new stuff!!

But.. yes the 500cc(1/2 of 1liter) that i got did help..some.. I am hoping tha after my labs come back that I can get some more fluids.. my doc is being cautious. whci I understand.. but I have been feeling so badly that I am not in the most understanding mood these days... :ph34r:

I did talk with the nurse who put my IV in and she said that maybe if the I's realy help.. that maybe I could get a pump herea t home.. and could get hooked up as needed.. and learn how to operate the IV pump.. and unhook myself fro the IV's.. so that was some interesting bits of info!!

It ws nice to be hooked up to fluids herea t home.. where i could lay on my own couch and stare at my own tv.. and wear my PJ's.. and not feel "weird" or have to constently explain why i needed IV fluids..! lovely perks of home!!

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