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Social Security Disablility Question


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I had my 1st phone interview with Social Security this last Thursday and they asked me questions verifying my SS number, address, income and some medical questions. Really simple! So I thought they would then send me the application to apply for SSD in the mail. Today I received papers to sign and verify what I had said on the phone and they asked me to send in medical records if I had them. And that was it!!!

Is there no application to fill out anymore? I was expecting to fill out pages and pages about my daily routine, if I could even bathe myself, sit/stand and what my condition was, etc.

The lady I talked with mentioned SSD was paperless now or something like that but I didn't know what she was talking about. Have things changed in the last few months or years?

Did anyone that has recently applied have paperwork to fill out or was your phone interview it? Just wondering if you ever filled out an "actual" application?

Any information is appreciated! Thanks!

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the symptom, work history & day-to-day functioning forms are sent to you AFTER your initial application & not at the same time. they are only sent after you are found to be "eligible" for SS. don't confuse "eligible" with qualified/approved though. eligible simply means that you have enough work credits & other pre-reqs for them to even consider your application. things differ some state-to-state but chances are you'll still be getting paperwork in the mail. for me it came about a month after my initial application.

hope this helps...

B) melissa

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Ditto on what Melissa said. Once they obtain your medical records (which I advise you to obtain yourself and mail in) then they will review your records and start sending lots of various forms to fills out, for your Dr's to fill out, decide if they want an independent exam etc.

Keep track of all information you have supplied to them, keep copies of all forms you mail to them and send everything to them return receipt, certified mail.

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I applied online and then brought in my medical records. It seems to move along faster doing that. If you can bring them in to an office close to you I would recommend it, that was you aren't wondering whether or not they got your records. It's a long process......


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I have a lawyer doing it all. He said not to talk to anyone at social security. If they call I'm supposed to just give them the law office's number. All they do are disability claims. They are called The Shaw Group and cover any state in the US. Actually I am very fortunate as my previous employer pays for this. I was a school nurse and got all the good benefits that adminstration has.


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I had the paperwork, but not the phone interview. I now have an appointment with one of their doctors, so I dont know. My Attorney told me that there would be a phone interview, but it hasnt happened yet. Vanessa

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Hey Tammy!

My two cents on this one are to GET A LAWYER and not do any of the paperwork/sending medical records, etc. yourself.

My lawyer cost about nothing compared to the work involved and the outcome (must of cost me 250 bucks or something and worth every penny.) You could spend that much money just trying to get your medical records.

The system has gotten tougher and tougher and I really would go with a lawyer. He will fill out ALL of the paperwork and be able to get your medical records and choose what to send. I could not have done it on my own.

Right now, I am using him again to have a hearing before a judge to see if I can get my meds approved by Medical Assistance.

By law, the lawyer can only take a certain percentage of your retro pay and payment.

GOOD LUCK!!!! The process is such a drag...hopefull you will find a lawyer to do it all for you and you won't have to do it all yourself....

Later alligator!


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Hey thanks guys!

This is all great information! I have heard so many different views on this...about getting a lawyer and when to do that. I have heard from my former employer and some of my doctors to get a denial first, then go with a lawyer. I guess I need to call around and just ask some of the lawyers what I should do. Most consultations are free, so it couldn't hurt to ask them. I know I'll eventually have to hire a lawyer so maybe sooner is better than later. I am on short-term disability right now through my former employer and that will end in two years, but I hear it takes that long if not longer to even get SSD, so better start getting with it!

Thanks again everyone!!! You guys rock! B)

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