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Hi All,

I started taking glucosamine sulfate a few weeks ago and I feel a big improvement in joint pain. I have a lot less snap crackle and pop too. (I sound like a walking bowl of rice crispies in the morning). I was wondering if anyone else tried glucosamine. If so did it help? Did it continue to help? Any POTSY side effects? The only problem I have is that the pills are huge and gag me.

Id apreciate any input good or bad.



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Hi Janine,

Some companies make a liquid form, but it's usually the HCl, not the sulfate form. IMO, the sulfate form is better. A number of companies also make a capsule which will be easier to swallow. The downside is that there's about a 2:1 ratio of capsules to tablets, that is, for the same amount in one tablet, you'll need to take approximately 2 capsules. NOW and Solaray are 2 brands that come in capsules.

Although we know that ANYTHING can affect POTS, I can't imagine how or why glucosamine would be likely to do so.

Happy that it's helping. Fish oil capsules can also be helpful for joint pain as well as good for so much other stuff as well.


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Janine.. I have not taken glucosomine (yet) but my PCP wants to try taking it daily and see if it helps with my pain.. I hope that it helps you.. le me know if it works..

I;m always nervous taking new drugs b/c og pots..

here is to less snap crackle and popping!

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my dad is the king of joint pain in his knees due to previous injuries and thus major degeneration, arthritis, etc. essentially he has no cushioning left at all & is scheduled for replacement in june. i'm visiting my parents for the weekend so just asked him if he'd ever tried glucosamine. he says he has & that it didn't help him at all...but that it might for some with lesser problems. (not saying that others' problems aren't bad/painful, but his doc says he's never seen worse knees & most meds don't touch his pain nor do his docs expect them to.)

he doesn't have any sort of dysautonomia & isn't necessarily med-sensitive in any way but he didn't have any problem with the med...

B) melissa

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Im into week number two and I am taking the giant glucosamine sulfate tablets (tried to grind them and put them in juice, pudding etc... yucko). Other than having to choke them down I have had no side effects and wonderful results. Its like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I can have relief from something. Almost makes me wanna cry. My hips and my knees definately ache less, my neck even aches a little less. I still hurt all over, more fatigue I suppose. But its something, woo hoo.

Also I have been doing very basic yoga. I found the stretching and breathing really help. Its quite a sight. I stretch for 2 min and then lay on the floor out of breath with a heart reate of 120. Then I just practice hatha yoga breathing or i check on the size of the dust bunnies under the couch since im on the floor anyhow.



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