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If you were a superhero...


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Hello my Potsy friends...okay...it's after 3:00 in the morning and I'm a bit loopy and can't sleep...so consider yourselves warned! :)

I've been watching a lot of "comic book" movies lately..you know like "spiderman" and "the X men".."Electra"...and every time I see one of these shows I get to thinking of how it would be sooooo cool to have super powers. So I've been sitting here...not sleeping :) ...and contemplating which super powers I would possess if I could choose any I wanted...

I think I'd definately want to have extraordinary vision..and be able to even see in the dark...I'd want to be really flexable, have good balance, and be able to do some insane martial arts moves...

I'd want to be able to run and move super fast..(I've never been able to run..even when I was in good shape and I've always wondered what it would feel like to just take off like that)...and I think I'd like to be able to heal rapidly (you know like if I got injured while fighting for "good" I could heal faster than normal)..

Those are definately powers I'd love to have...of course I'd also have to have a really cool "super hero" costume...I really like the look of leather but I think it would be really uncomfortable.. :blink:

So..what "powers" would you guys wish for?...what would you call yourself?

Okay..time to try and sleep again..good night my friends...here's to dreaming BIG! :)

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If I could obtain ANY superpower in the world, it would def be the ability to cure POTS and all dyautonomia related illnesses! :)

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oh fun!

Ok so I would want to have the energy of a 3 year old, and the imagination too.

I would want to be able to "beam" to wherever I wanted...No more zillion hour flights...I could just beem there..ya know like in star trek.

And I would have the ability to twitch up whtever I wanted...

So how about "supermommy" for a name. I like that. :)

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hmmm. funny topic! I would like to be everything! I wan to fly.. like superman.. jump like spiderman.. kick butt like ZENA warrior princess..run (wareagle.. i have never been able to ru either!) fast like that little squirt in the movie the Incredibles.. bend that elasti-women.. actually I like all the characters in the movie the INCREDIBLES!..and um I havent though of my superhero name yet.. will get back to you that.. BUT I WANT IT ALL!!

AHH! I am now INCREDAGIRL!! instead of dizzygirl! :)

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Superpooh...I LOVE it!! :lol:

Thanks for actually responding to this guys..I know it's a silly topic...I just couldn't help myself!

I think you all have excellent ideas...what a group we could be!!

Nina..in my book you are "mighty mouse" through and through..an inspiration to us all!

I warn you all...this will not be the last crazy topic I post...I LOVE this chit-chat forum :D !

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Wow, I would have to list it as the following:

1. To be able to fly

2. To be able to turn back time, and correct my mistakes

3. To be able to morph into something or someone else

4. To have magical powers like Harry Potter

5. To be able to make myself 'intangible' i.e. walk through walls

But mostly, I just love to be able to fly!

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Not quite the answer to your question but definately related. I read books with some friends of mine and one was the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay which is centered around the publishing of comic books. As part of our discussion, we all chose Super Hero names based on our own personal traits and including our weakness (Superman's Kryptonite sp?).

I became The Suggestor which is a kinder gentler version of Controlling Wench and my power was that I could make people do things by sugestion; my weakness was that my suggestions were not always the right thing to do. My husband even joined in and he designated himself The Flame, due to the amount of heat he radiates as part of his NCS. We had some really creative names in our group: Gadget Boy, Top Gun, Techno Weenie, Chameleon, The Instigator, The Flying Lemur.

My neighbor's kids also played along. It's really a fun exercise in recognizing strengths and weaknesses and makes for some really interesting discussions over a few pops!

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I would want to time travel, not necessarily to change the past but to experience cultures, and eras (and know the winning lottery numbers from the 20 million dollar power ball about 10 years ago, lol)

Also the invisible woman who kicks doctores **** sounds cool and entirely too fun...

Thanks for the laugh.



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i would love to be able to fly and have super strength so that i could take my family and fly them over the the USA (a warm area in summer, with snow in winter), build us a big home with swimmingpoole (inside would be nice) and of course i would fly around just to visit you all.

corina :(

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I couldn't think of any superpowers I wanted until I read all your posts... Carmen you cracked me up!!!! I think I would have to say I would want the ability to instantly transport myself and others anywhere I wanted at any time.

I was talking with my husband about how many places we've dreamed of traveling and now we may never get to do that... so this way, we could visit the Bahama's instantly and then go to Scotland, and then Rome....... all without the expense and exhertion of real travel!


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