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Stopping Florinef


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Well my neurologist wanted me to stop Florinef. I was having migraine like headaches all week. I haven't had a migraine in about 3 months so I was doing good in that area before Florinef (spelling?)

Well I was told to go down to 1/2 a pill for 3 days than stop. Well today is my first day without it and my migraine is horrible. I took zomig 2x and 3 advil and it's still here.

How long will it take to get out of my system? I took it for almost 3weeks.

Should the migraine get better? Does anyone know what is causing the migriane when on flornief? I was okay for the first 4or 5 days with flornief than the migraines started after about a week and with my increase to .1. Anyone else experience this? I thought when I was getting off it and only on 1/2 a pill the migrianes would go away but I've had a horrible migriane or headache all week.

I might even go to the ER if it doesn't ease up soon.

Any imput?


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I'm sorry you're having migraines and I hope they go away soon!

For what it's worth, I had a headache for about a week after stopping the cortisone (another steroid) they put me on for pneumonia, and it might be from withdrawal or something... but I didn't get them much while on it, nor while on Florinef last year... Sorry I'm not much help, but I hope your headache stops ASAP!

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I just wanted to say that I hope you feel better. I had to have my Florinef back down to .1mg because I have gained 8 lbs on it and my ankles are soo swollen. I hope you feel better soon. B)

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