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waterproof compression stockings??


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So I know that a lot of us wear compression stockings. I wear mine pretty much all the time!! The only trouble is that we get sick in the shower/bath, and we can't wear comression stockings there. Today (as I was having an episode in the shower), I thought to myself....why don't we have waterproof compression stockings?! Is that a crazy crazy idea, or do you think some company could actually market it. I think we have enough consumers right here. Does anyone know if they already if they exist?

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Hi, I don't know if they make waterproof stockings. I wore mine at the beach this past summer. I know, it sounds like quite the sight B) ....but I have a DVT (blood clot) and had too.

I just brought along a dry pair. If you have two pairs..... Wear yesterdays stockings in the shower, and suds them up after you take them off and hang them to dry & alternate each day. That way you'll have a fresh pair each day.

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You can just do what I did when I was in a neck brace--keep a dry one available for when you're done. I would bath or swim in mine and then have the dry one ready for later.


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I know that as been up but don't have engery to go bac through the post.

Do the compression stocking really help.And with so how do you know what

kind to get and where do you get them. Pooling is really bad for me right now

I have a ucler and if they would help I sure would check with dr. to see about

them. thank ern

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your input!

Ern, the compression stockings do help me. They don't make everything better, but they help. I wear knee-highs, but I know that some people on the forum wear longer stockings. It's completely individual. There is a website where you can order them: www.brightlifedirect.com

However, if you talk to your doctor he/she might direct you to a local store where you can buy them. Maybe you could even get them at a discounted price with a doctor's note or prescription. :)

Take care!! :)

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