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Red Lights


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Wonder if any of you have had this. I went to a wedding a month ago, and they had meat there that was under these red lights. They just made me so dizzy and, well it was the craziest thing. Hit me blindsided. So I thought I was going crazy and then I was at the movie theater, and I have a step problem anyhow since I got sick. I was going down this flight of stairs with red leading lights, happened again. Had to sit down and then have someone lead me to the exit. Has anyone else had something like this or am I now truly going crazy? Thanks for the help.


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I cannot be where there is colored lights at all. Bright lights, flourescant lights and even the sun will send me in a tailspin. So I wear my shades most of the time, and you might know it that all doctors offices have florescant lights. I very rarely go to the store anymore it is just too much for me. I just pretty much stay at home. My shades help, but not much. I guess they need to be darker. Vanessa

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