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Anyone know good docs in Cali for POTS?


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Hi everyone. Arounds 2 to 3 months ago, I suddenly got very ill and started to exibit symptoms of POTS and it still continues to bother me very much to this very day. I have been to my campus docs as well as others for the past couple of months, but all they tell me over and over again is that either it's because of stress or that I probably have too much anxiety. I am frustrated of people telling me that I am probably thinking too much in to my illness or that I complain too much about how sick I feel. I am a competent student who have read journals and articles on this, and I am almost 100% sure that I have POTS. I have went to see my PCP and a neurologist, but not to my suprise, they both tell me that it's anxiety and stress and won't bother with my explanation of it being POTS( they don't seem to be quite aware of what this disease truly is). I checked out the physician's list here in DINET and found UCLA autonomic center and I am thinking about trying there. I just wanted to ask if any one have ever seen a doc at UCLA or know any other centers here in California that are good with dealing with POTS? After having started getting symptoms, I have seen my goals, ambitions, and life slowly crumbling down in front me. I feel that the least I deserve is a proper diagnosis of what is wrong with me. When I am laying in bed wiped out because of all the symptoms acting out, it hurts me more and more to hear from others telling me that I am lazy and that I should get out of bed just because they have no idea what POTS is or what it does. I would truly appreciate any advice or feedback. One more question.....is it true that for every specialist we need a referral notice from a PCP? What if our PCP is not cooperative? Thanks!!!!!

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Guest Belinda

I looked and also saw UCLA..when I googled in Autonomic dysfunction on Google yesterday. Sounds like they have pretty good program. I would try there.

Take care and hope you find someone soon!


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