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I had my biopsy to test for amylodosis today...PAINFUL!


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I now have a 1 1/2 inch incision, a bunch of stitches and a HUGE bruise...my belly is swollen and I just hurt. It was AWFUL. I told the surgeon that novacaine does not work well with my body...and what did they use? Novacaine! He injected it into my tummy...which BURNED! And then he started cutting - I COULD FEEL IT, I started yelling. I could tell where the scapel was! He had to stop and inject it AGAIN with MORE novacaine. That hurt even more! Then he let it sit for a while longer and then started cutting again. He got a good chunk of subcutaneous fat - more than I thought he was going to take. Then the novacaine was wearing off so quickly I started to feel him put in the stitches. By the time I left and made it to Walgreens it had all worn off and I was a hurting unit. He told me to stay on IBpro. for the next days to try to stay pain free. I am worried about infection and everything, especially with my Addison's.

He said that they have to send the sample off to Mayo Clinic or somewhere in South Dakota since this is a rare test. He thinks that it will be more than a week before I have any answers.

The bad thins is that the incision is just a little right and below my belly button - right along my waistband. Not a good place...but the only place that I had any real fat to take from.

Oh well...at least it is over...they didn't let my husband in during the procedure, but at least I had a great nurse who was willing to hold my squeezing hand. I wouldn't have made it without her! Now it is another waiting game...Let's just hope that the test comes back negative. I don't want to have this.


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YIKES!! Sounds like a painful procedure. Hopefully the test comes back negative. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :)

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