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Son finally getting help


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:) As many of you know, my son has had arthritis and crohn's since he was 11. He is 24 now. Today after 12 years they have finally decided to put him on humira to try and stop the progression. He is already fused in the left SI joint and has squaring of the vertebrae all over his lower back with narrowing and degenerative changes. Now it's in his hip too,,, :(

I have been fighting with his doctors for years and finally they are doing something...hoorah Please keep your fingers crossed and for those of you that pray, that it will help him...thanks jakesmommomorgan

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Hi Morgan, I hope there is a treatment that works out for your son!

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Guest tearose

I'm glad the doctors finally listened to you morgan and helped your son.

I hope that will experience improvement in his condition and that the hip improves too!

prayers will be said for jakes recovery, and your continued strength.

best regards, tearose

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You know I am always cheering big time for Jake! He has a very special place in my heart...

I hope that 2006 brings more of this sort of good news...with your hubs good news and this hopeful chance for Jake...now, you're next up! :ph34r:

I do hope so much that the medication will help Jake to feel better!

Thanks for sharing...


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