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The "Do's and Don't's" with POTS


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I'm a bit perplexed.

With having just been diagnosed with POTS last week, nothing had been said to me about what foods to avoid, or what affect my vices have on my POTS.

Yes, I am a smoker (about a pack a day). As of late, it's about the only thing I'm able to do and do well (lol). Are there others here who also smoke?

A bunch of the information reads to stay clear of alcohol, due to the interaction it might have/cause with various medications. I like to have a beer from time to time with my husband, however, don't want to create additional issues for myself. Anyone have any advice on this one?

My PCP has kept me on vicodin to assist in managing the pain I'm experiencing. I take about 4-6 pills a day, depending on how uncomfortable I am. Are there other pain management options available out there to ease the leg, neck, back, arm pain associated with POTS?

Anything you can offer (what works as well as what doesn't work) is appreicated!

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Have you looked at dinet's list of do's and don'ts?

They'll give you some useful starting points.

I don't know how smoking affects the blood preswsure- probably raises it.

I've joked with many a cardiologist that my wheat free vegan, teetotal, gym going lifestyle has done me no favours- I'd have been better smoking and eating rubbish as it couldn't have made me any sicker than I seem to be some of the time!!!


Wheat and dairy are known to cause problems for some pots people- the gut takes longer to digest those things and that can make you a bit sympotomatic, but I don't think everyone has problems with it, tho I do.

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