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For those that work


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For those that work...

My typical coping mechanizm for work is to work one place for about 2-3 years and when they start to realize that I am not going to work long days, be super productive all the time, have consistant quality of work, etc...So, I quit and take a month off. Then go to another job.

Now I live in a small town and this is not an option...The only way to get a new job around here, that is not at mc donalds or 7-11, is to watch the obituaries...

So I am in new territory. I think for every week or two that I am feeling normal and productive I have a month or more where I really feel like I just keep the chair warm. I can't even begin to be as productive as my co-workers...even though I try to find stuff I can do on my bad days, that will keep me busy...it frequently is not what my co-workers/boss want me to be doing... (I work in basically a call center (clients call in with software problems and I am supposed to fix it, with some project work on the side).

What do you do, at work, to cope? What modifications do you make? What works with co-workers, so they aren't dong the snoopy/tale bearing thing? etc. All ideas are appreciated as always!

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I have been in my current position for many years, so I had the flexibility to discuss openly with my supervisor what my situation is. I now work part time at home, and part time at the office. I need to limit my meetings to 2 hours tops, or I just get icky. I can't do lunch meetings because I need to lay down after meals or get really potsy. I bring work home -- as I usually feel better in the evenings. I work on the weekends at my home computer in order to catch up and keep up with all that needs my attention. I schedule phone conferences instead of face to face meetings, if I am having a difficult time. Basically I try to find creative ways that I can get the job done.

At work, I have a chair that has a foot rest and recline -- it wasn't that expensive compared to other "ergonomic" chairs that we buy at the office. I have a wireless keyboard that I use on my lap.

These probably don't help you with the options you may have in a small town. But in general, I try and be really up front with people ... they know when I am having an "off day" and I ask them to ignore my shaking as my body is having a hard time setteling in. And they do. No one ever asks any more. If I need to get up and leave (or get up and walk a bit and then sit down again) no one bats an eye.

My mind is sharp. I can do things quickly that still take other people much longer ... You can't measure up how many hours a person can put in at the office to determine how much "work" they are diong.

Good luck finding an environment where you can use the skills you have to offer.

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I've just had a break-through in my job. I am the administration manager for my employer who owns 5 businesses - and up until now, it has required me to make several trips per day to each business to collect the takings, paperwork etc and then work out of one of the businesses that has my office set up in it.

My employer has seen me at my worst, POTS-wise, and allows me to have flexible hours - so I generally start later in the morning (10am), and work a bit later.

The subject has been brought up many times about working from home, however I am not comfortable with it, as I used to to it with my old job, and I always felt I was at work, and could always hear new e-mails coming, and just had to check them and respond - so I ended up working 14-15 hour days.

My boss only lives down the street from me, and rather than doing all the traveling to the different businesses, he has decided he will do it, as he has to go to all of the businesses everyday anyway.

And to my surprise, he has set an office up for me at his house, and given me the keys - so I can come and go as I please (so long as I complete my workload), and there is no need for me to drive everywhere.

I mentioned I am getting an e-cycle (electric bicycle - Bolwell City Elite if anyone is interested), so I can ride there in the morning, and even take my little dog - it's going to be great.

I'm in the process now of moving everything from my old office into this new one, and will be working from there full time in 2 weeks.

It's great for me. So, I was lucky - it's just what I needed, but I didn't have to ask for it. It will make working a lot easier for me (He's even put a day bed type thing ing my office, just in case I don't feel well during the day).

I'm so excited!

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Man POTS and work can be a real struggle - since when i was the sickest I wasnt diagnosed and my doctor suggested that i stay at work - and it was terrible.

I try not to stand or walk bery much in the morning and at work in general - push myself and ill struggle. I take lots of licorice to keep my blood pressure up and keep my sugar levels even

lastly I struggle with the computer screens so some sort of glare reduction is good. Just tell your boss and they should be cool with it. I just say i get 'orthostatic hypotension and migraines' it not actually true, but that way they understand

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I hide allot from the world. Some days I only come out from my office at about 10:00. This is normally the time that I start feeling better. On bad days I do my admin and light office work. I try to avoid the sun and physical work when I have very bad days. Eating is very important and WATER. Especially when I have to work in the orchards. I very seldom go home but know I can if I wanted to. I have an amazing boss. I think the world of him. I only tell him when things are going very bad and hide the rest from him. Everyone at work knows by now that I am sick. I have been working here for 8 years and work with wonderful people. I am the baby and have to most medical problems. Nothing I can do about it. I have a couch that I can use in my lab when things are going very bad and I can't get away to go home. My Lab is great, when I close the door and blinds its sleep time for me. I just set my clock for when I have to wake up for the next round of tests at work. I am very honest with my boss about my health. I however do not abuse or over emphasis this, as I don?t want to be treated any different. The healthy people moan more to my boss about stupid things than I would ever. :P

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