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I am struggling really badly with the whole brain fog thing today :rolleyes:

It is driving me mad, it is like I am looking down on myself, controlling the actions and movements like a puppeteer or that I am so deep inside myself that I am screaming to be let out. The only other way I can describe it is that I feel completely drunk, my words slurrh and I make no sense what so ever.

I just wondered what we can do in times of bad brain fog, mine is getting worse and worse just lately. I am suffering with periods of about 4 hours in the afternoon where I am completely useless.

I usual drink coffee, or take salt in diet coke, drink tons of water, I've tried eating bananas - for energy and the potassium. This brain fog things, is now happening every day, and I just want rid of it.

Every day the brain fog is worse before lunch (which is similar to an experience I note from the thread - updating on Carla) I don't eat in the mornings as I just can't face food, at lunch I have something small (whether I am hungry or not - if I don't eat anything, come 2pm I am vanished, then when I eat the brain fog is worse) it takes about an hour to recover from eating, the brain fog eases off but then gets worse again. By about 4pm, it suddenly clears - I will be just plodding along and bang it's gone.

I have started drinking coffee, which at times helps at others makes me jittery. This last weekend I have spent sleeping, not getting up until 11am, and then going back to bed for 3-4hours in the afternoon.

Anyone else have any ideas.....

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Brain fog is one of the most devastating symptoms for me; I hate it. I've always prided myself on my intellect and quick thinking, and when I'm robbed of that, I feel useless. Nothing--water, salt, diet changes--has impacted it; at my doctor's appointment this Thursday, I'm pushing hard to get back on a stimulant. Now that the panic is gone, I'll probably be able to tolerate them again; they helped tremendously in the past.

For me, it goes beyond brain fog; there are some definite cognitive deficits. Horrible memory, inability to concentrate or think abstractly to any degree. In the last two weeks, I've locked my keys in my car and run my battery down by leaving the headlights on TWICE. It takes tremenous effort to even write posts like this recalling things of recent memory. But, unbound by the illness, I'm a lightning fast thinker and witty, with a genius level IQ; but now, I'm terribly diminished, a shadow of what I once was and could be.

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I have to say the brain fog is by far the most devastating symptom I have. I have had to quit driving so I have lost most of my independence, people (who have known me as a nurse for many years) ask questions about an illness or med they are taking and a lot of times all I have to offer is a blank look. I try not to have too many pity parties about the "old me" because I know it won't accomplish anything but it is difficult for people to understand what is going on with me.

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Dear Lou,

I know the horrible feeling, the loss of what we have held on to as our sense of self. I cry when I am having one of those days, and it is hard to get perspective on anything when we can't focus and make sense of anything.

Last week I decided to try something new <I've been doing a lot of reading, so this isn't 'new' by any means> I decided I wanted to find some peace in it.

If I was trapped in brain fog, I tried to just let it be. Just float with it, instead of fighting against it or being so angry and sad about what I was going through. On a few occasions I noticed there was a spaciousness around what I was feeling. Like the picture you described about looking down on youself and observing what was happening. But instead of trying to struggle to get 'back' into my mind made reality, I was content for just that small moment to just watch, without judgment and without any pressure to change anything.

So do I now walk around all of the time in a serene state of non-body-mind bliss? Far from it. I still tend to go to my familliar patterns of struggle and frustration against what 'is'. But I'm working on it, and I really like those little moments when I catch myself observing instead of reacting to what is going on. I think for me ... the more I can find that stillness around whatever is happening, the more resources my body will have to reballance and find it's way back or not ... it's all an adventure.

Keep the faith,


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You ROCK!!! Brain fog and feeling so tired all the time really stinks. Your outlook is something I'm trying hard to do. I try to think of POTS as a reminder to slow down and enjoy whats around me. It's so hard! But I'm so sick of the frustration and the anger of remembering how I was. EarthMother you are an inspiration. Tree

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;) You want to know how bad my brain fog was today?!

:D I took a nice long soothing bath to rest and try to gather myself....I got out feeling much better and when I dried off I realized I had shaved ONE leg :P How pitiful is that? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

I felt like such an idiot but it's just one of those things with me lately!

I'm getting use to having to make lists for simple activities and going to unload the dryer only to find that I forgot yet one more time to actually start it!

But shaving ONE leg is a all new low for me :( Of course my friends got a kick out of it and I guess it is a little amusing but when it tops off a bad brain fog day it's hard to find the humor ;)

Here's to thinking clearly again!!


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Danabob - please try not to cry, but if you want to, try and let it all out and then take a big breath and be really brave. Remember we are all part of little POTS world, we are a little POTS family... ;)

Most of the time we can laugh in the face of adversity - somehow together we can cope, pulling each other through in most horrid of circumstances. Sometime we don't do so well (everyone has their weak moments of tears - mine last night lasted about an hour) but in the main, together we are so strong.

My brain fog really has reached a point of "madness" this week, today has been better though, I'm now just trying to think what I did differently, but can't think of a thing (maybe it's kicked back in ;) ).

I love the shaving of the legs story, it seems horrid right now for you because it is so fresh, but in a couple of days you will laugh - I promise :P I have been trying to remember to shave mine all week - every time if get out of the shower "DOH" they are now REALLY HAIRY, so at least you have at least one good leg.

I often forget things, I'm a big list writer, everything goes in a list. I have thought about writing a definitive list of the things I need to do every morning.

If I am the last to leave the house, it takes me about 20minutes to leave the house, checking doors, windows, plug sockets, fridge doors, hair dryer hair tongs - I'm sure you have all been here before. Then there is "do I have my keys, phone, wallet, car keys. etc etc " So many time I have got to the bottom of the road, only have to run back.

The only thing I don't check is my trousers or skirt - the day I have to check these then I think I will worry :(

Keep smiling it will get better :D:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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I' ve tried Wellbutrin but after 4 months I didn't see any effects so - since I didn't have insurance at the time, or any income, I quit it. Denabob, I sat in the tub one day, knew I was forgetting something, got out, dried off, then realized... I had only shaved :rolleyes: one armpit!

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