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Found Jeans That Fit!


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Hi guys,

I am very excited tonight. In previous posts I posted about how my weight has gone up due to the Toprol and most likely inactivity, etc. I haven't been able to find any clothes that fit right at all. I am 5'8" and 144lbs. with long legs and a small waist, so every pair of jeans I would find would not be long enough or be too big around the waist, etc. Tonight, I decided to run into the store since I only have 2 pair of jeans left that fit and I just grabbed a pair I liked, didn't bother trying them on because I get too symptomatic with the lighting and all (dizzy, sweaty, faint feeling). I got home tried the pants on and guess what....they FIT!!!!! :rolleyes:

..........Now, if only I could find shirts that are long enough!

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cool a nice perfect fitting pair of jeans can really boost your self esteem!

I know I got all excited this week.. when i tried on a pair of jeans that I havent been able to even "squeez into" in some time now.. and you know what!! they fit!! and were loose to boot!! that is 4 sizes smaller then what I was in!! YEAH!!

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Guest tearose

It is one of those simple pleasures that mean so much! A pair of jeans that fit! I bet you still are feeling happy.

Hey, I was really surprised by the price and quality I found at a local Wal Mart, you could try one of those long tunic very in-style tops. When you go shopping again try there.

best regards, tearose

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