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Hi Genie

I have NCS and take Lexapro, but don't like it. I have gained 30 plus pounds now and are stillhaving a lot of pre-syncope. I am seeing my doctor next week to get off. But am sure you know everyones experiences with these drugs are SO DIFFERENT.

Best wishes


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I have taken Celexa, the predecessor to Lexapro, for 2 years for POTS. Can't say it helps with my memory. I used to think it helped me with regulating my GI fuction a bit, but now I'm not so sure. It's worth giving a shot--Lexapro and the other SSRI's appears to help the Central Nerveous System, and some autonomic docs think the CNS, in turn mediates the ANS.

My best suggestion is to start slowly and expect a bit of aggitation and nausea to last at least a week (getting a bit better each day). Symptoms will return when you change doseage, but don't seem to last as long.


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