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Symptoms creeping back postpartum?


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My little guy is 7 months old and so far I have enjoyed a long postpartum symptom free period. However, this baby does not sleep (EVER) and it keeps getting worse as he gets older and sleeps less. The past month or so has been horrible for me, I have NEVER been this tired in my life but still I have to plug on. I am a stay at home mom to two very active little boys, so there isn't an option for pooping out.

I rarely get to nap, and a typical night I might sleep from about 11pm to 5am waking up every hour or more to soothe him back to sleep or nurse him, and he sleeps so restlessly that I don't even get a decent sleep when I am asleep! So I have been super exhausted and have been feeling slightly lightheaded on & off, but nothing major. Then today I was home alone, I went to pick up the baby off the floor and my heart started palpitating and went into irregular beats. This has happened about 4 times in the past and twice I was admitted to the ER and given drugs to slow down my heart rate- it tends to go up around 200 bpm when this happens.

Anyways, so it started beating super fast and fluttering, so I panicked and held my breath like they told me to at the doctor's before, and it didn't work so I had to resort to sticking my entire head in a bowl filled with ice, which for some odd reason it works (and it did!!) by shocking the heart back into a normal rhythm. But I have been tired all day and weak, and my heart keeps palpitating and scaring me. Ugghhh!!

I can't figure out WHY this is happening today, unless my body is telling me to SLOW down. I had a decent sleep compared to usual last night, because my older son is at my mom's house & I went to bed early. I was planning on getting some cleaning done and relaxing, but now I am paranoid to do anything too strenuous. Why, all the sudden, would this just happen and then persist all day long? The palps just keep coming every time I take a deep breath, sneeze, move too fast, etc...and I have been drinking TONS of fluids and Emergen-C powdered electrolyte as well. I just hope its better tomorrow!!!

I have missed you guys!!!

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Hi Jessica!

I've missed seeing you around on this board but I figured you were either using your energy for the kids and didn't have any left over or that you were feeling much better.

The last photos I saw of the boys was so good...they are both so precious.

I can't imagine what you are going through with the lack of sleep though.

I don't really have any significant answers for you on why you are now feeling bad. It could be sleep deprivation is now catching up to your body or a number of other things. Sometimes I suddenly get like you describe right before I get the flu or some other type of bug or if I have an infection anywhere in my body I will get more palpitations and rapid heart rate. I also get like this at different times of the month from my progesterone being too low or changing too rapidly.

I'm sorry the day was disappointing to you.

I mostly just wanted you to know I've missed seeing you on here and that I do support you and hope you get to feeling better soon.

Keep us posted as you are able to

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HI Jessica!! good to se you on the board!!

I have a suggestion or thought.. can you mom by chance take both of the boys for a night or a weekend?? so maybe you can atleast get one good nights sleep?? maybe that would help you feel somewhat better??

you mentioned that you are nursing the little one..can you use a breast pump..and refridgerate waht you have pumped.. so that the baby can go to gramma'a too?

I really hope that you feel better soon!!



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I am glad to see you post but not under these circumstances!! I went through a period last week where I was getting arrhythmias for several days and they would last non stop for hours. That had never happened to me before. I have flutters in the past, but not like this. My EKG showed PACs about every 3rd beat.

My cardio at Mayo said stress, lack of sleep, an allergic reaction, an illness, virutally anything can cause these in POTs patients b/c our systems are so sensitive. (I was stressed and not sleeping due to work)

I have never heard of the bucket of ice water cure....that sounds almost unbearable to me! :o

I have tried holding my breath and/or bearing down and that seems to make it worse.

Almost anything heavy that I pick up can set off my heart into a fast rate or off beat, but it normally goes back to rhythm within about 10-20 seconds.

Well anyway the other day, I found the oddest cure for arrhythmias! I will make a separate post about this later, but in a nutshell, I read in the news about reasearch that was done on patients with arrythmias and that those that listened to harp music (I think it was for about 15-20 minutes) had their hearts go back to normal rhythms. So I tested this three times during the last week when I had odd rhythms. I listened to harp music off the internet (I didn't have any harp CDs lying around! :ph34r: ). Each time I listened for about 15 minutes and my heart went back to normal and stayed that way the rest of the day! It was truly amazing.

This is one of the links where you can listen to sample harp songs via MP3 format.


Hopefully this is a passing phase for you, as my cardio said it was most likely a phase for me too. Like you, I was very scared at first, but he reassured me that he was not concerned unless it continued every day for extended period of time for more than a week. Mine have almost gone away entirely, except I still feel them a little after eating a meal.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps. If it continues I would see a doc of course, but it sounds like you just REALLY need some SLEEP and so does your little one!!! :)



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Hi Jessica,

I think that it would be nice if someone could babysit the boys for a couple of days so that you can recuperate from your lack of sleep.

Does the doctor know why your baby does not sleep enough?

Gena, thanks for the information. I have a few harp CDs and I will try it.

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My only suggestion would be to try to get a sitter so you can get some sleep. You need to rest. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 so I know how tough it can be. I hope this was just a bad day...I missed seeing you post but was hoping it was just due to feeling good. Hang in there.

My youngest son was the same way with sleep and once I purchased an air purifier he started sleeping, not throught the night but alot longer. I think the sound soothed him.

Take care of your self and keep us updated


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Hi, the ice bucket of water also works for me. It's not the most comfortable thing, but it works!!!

I agree that you should see if your mother could take both sons for a night or two. I know when I don't get enough sleep my symptoms are worse. Or if you can't do that maybe for one day and if you have the money you could hire a sitter to watch the kids while you nap. Sleep is def. important, so I hope you find a way to get some good quality shut eye!!! :)


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I had to respond because I have gone through the same thing. After I had each of my three boys I went through a period of a few months when I felt nearly symptom free. I thought I was cured at first but then the symptoms started to slowly creep back. I never did understand why I got the nice break from feeling bad after the births.

I also experienced the rapid heart rate and heart beat irregularities a few weeks ago. It lasted for around a week. At first I only had the added heart beats and I wondered why they were so much worse than usual, then after around 3 days, I started feeling nauseated and my boys had it too and were throwing up (a virus). I seem to have heart related symptoms before I get sick with whatever I'm coming down with. After the virus left my system, I was back to normal (or what's normal for me :lol:

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I am starting to wonder about a virus, only because today I am feeling achy and super tired, despite my 8 hours of sleep last night (could also be my Lyme disease flaring up though). I kept the baby up late with me and we went to bed at the same time, so I got better sleep that way. But when my older son gets home, it's back to getting up at 6am!! I am going to try to push his sleep shedule back too so they both sleep in a little. That is the hardest part.

I would LOVE to hire a sitter, but I am already working at home 20 hours per week, my fiance watches the boys while I work- me not working for 4 years has gotten us in serious debt and we have a goal of being able to pay it off this year with my income. So anything I pay a sitter takes away from that :lol: Plus my kids will NOT be quiet long enough for me to take a nap even when someone else is watching them...and of course I have to be such a light sleeper that all little noises wake me up and I can't get good sleep.

I can't wait for the boys to both go to my parents house instead of just one, but the baby is nursing a lot still and has refused a bottle his entire life, he wants nothing but me, and after a few hours he can't be soothed unless mommy is there. It's very hard on me but I don't mind so much because this is our last baby and I want to enjoy him. However, my wonderful Mom does come over about once a month and stays for 2-3 days while I rest, rest, rest (and work a little too!). She is pretty good at soothing the baby and keeping the kids busy so I can sleep, which is AWESOME. But the next day after she leaves I am exhausted again from just ONE night of no sleep. Whew.

I just keep telling myself that these years when my kids are so reliant on me are short, even though the days are long, and I can make it through these tough, exasperating, exhausting times. The good news is I haven't had any palps today, just feeling under the weather.

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Hi Jessica

It is good to see you back in touch, but I am sorry it is b/c you have had some disturbing symptoms. I know it is particularly disturbing to have symptoms after being so symptom-free for so long.

I find symptoms come and go for often no discernable reason. And I can have a day where I feel a true relapse MUST be coming on, and the next day--or later that same day--feel fine again.

Do you think there could be a link to the fact that you are now seven months postpartum? You tend to get relief from POTS symptoms with pregnancy and lactation. At seven months you are not breastfeeding at the volume you were earlier, and you are getting closer to your pre-pregnancy state.

Are you on any meds right now for tachycardia?

Your life sounds hectic and challenging with a baby that sleeps so little on top of working 20 hours a week and caring also for an active pre-schooler. Have you talked to a pediatrician about the sleeping issue? This may or may not be helpful.

I am so glad your mom can come over and spend a few nights with you once a month.

It is tough and you are doing a GREAT JOB as a mom. I think you have a good perspective on it all. When we are in the middle of parenting for young children--we forget what a short time it really is. A few years from now, you will be getting good rest again and your children will be a little more independent.

Let us know how you are doing.


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Guest tearose

Hello Jessica!

Belated welcome to the newest addition!

Yes! I do remember those early years with my boys, just two years apart, and how my symptoms would come is waves of days or weeks and then subside a little again. I do think you underestimate how much energy you are expending every hour of every day and being a mom of two young kids is tiring for non-physically challenged moms!

You got many good ideas above.

I also remember when I could not get someone in, and my dh was working and I was so totally wiped out...

I would safely gate off the family room with my little guys on the floor playing or resting and set myself up on an adjacent loveseat and lay across and nap. I would put on a sesame street video and let them watch while I got as many minutes of sleep as possible.

You are working and that takes both physical and mental energy too! Girlfriend, give yourself a break!

You are also right, these days will pass so quickly and they will entertain themselves safely before you can imagine.

Enjoy them and take care to get more rest!

best wishes, tearose

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Hi Jessica! So nice to hear from you, though it's too bad it's because you aren't feeling well. I second Katherine's ideas on breastfeeding cutback. I assume the little guy is eating more solid foods (cereal, etc.) and that you are breastfeeding less, which means your prolactin levels are dropping and that can really do a number on your body. I also felt a lot worse about seven months postpartum -- from that point to when my daughter was 14 months, I had a LOT of palpitations/runs of tachycardia.

I assume you've tried to investigate why Alex isn't sleeping (I think his name is Alex, right?). Does he have reflux? Is he possibly having teething issues? Have you talked to his doctor to try different approaches to structuring his sleep schedule? Did you read that famous book about how to get your baby to sleep through the night? (I never read it and can't think of the name, but all my friends swear by it.) He really shouldn't be waking more often than once a night at his age. I know sometimes there's just nothing you can do, but just an idea.

I also would try to ask another mom you know to maybe swap a couple hours where you could have her come and watch your two, and you can go watch hers. I don't know what kind of social network you have, but I am sure that someone from your La Leche League group or something would help. I think I remember you going through training for that, so I am figuring you go to meetings. A lot of people are very generous with their time -- all you have to do is ask!

I wish I could fly down there and help you myself! I've been there -- well, with only one child. So I guess I haven't TOTALLY been there. But I understand being totally exhausted and feeling like it's never going to end ... but it will. Hang in there and let me know if I can help you in any way.


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