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Pro-Amatine Questions


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My doctor just started me back on Pro-Amatine this morning, after being off for over a year. I have three questions about this medication:

1. I took only one dose and already I can feel that my heart rate is slower and I'm getting chills like crazy!! I was just wondering if anyone has experienced any other side effects from this medication?

2. Also, my doc put me on 10mg 3X daily. I am also taking Florinef 0.1 mg once daily and Sectral 200mg (beta blocker) once daily. Is this a fairly standard course of treatment for POTS? Are these doses relatively low or high?

3. Can anyone tell me where I may be able to find information about Pro-Amatine and nursing a baby? I am breastfeeding and cannot find any info on this medication, except that there are no reports of adverse effects in the infant. My doc seems to think it is quite safe.

Thanks for any input!!

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Jessica - I've only been on the Proamatine for about 1 month now so I'm probably not the best one to be giving out information about it but I'll give you my experience over the past month. Since I have increased it to 7.5 mg BID I also get the chills quite frequently also with some sweating. My main problem with it is tingling of the head, it usually starts about 45 minutes after taking it and lasts for about 1 hour. While I'm only on 7.5mg BID my 2nd EP doc said that I can take up to 40 mg per day, my regular cardiologist would rather that I stay under 30 a day. As for the Florinef, I'm taking .2mg BID and have had better luck with rate control than with the Proamatine. Try this webpage for answers to questions regarding the Proamatine and nursing - it doesn't look to be a problem. http://www.drugs.com/xq/cfm/pageID_0/htm_2...ex/qx/index.htm Good luck with everything.


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Hey, Jessica

I've been on Proamatine for about 4, or 5 months now and have experienced chills. It was mostly when I first started it, now its just once in a great while. My Pots doctor told me that the chills wern't a side effect..and that it just means that it's working, But on the papers it says its a side effect..

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Hi everyone,

I have been on proamatine for about 3 weeks now 5mg 2x day. I do not get the chills that often now but I do get a side affect. At 1 1/2 hours into the medicine my pulse and blood pressure drop real low and I get confused feeling and the chills. This last for about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour then both pressure and pulse even out. I see my cardiologist on Wednesday so I will ask him about it. Overall I have more energy ( until the last dose wears off). Do any of you get this. Also, I am gonna ask for Celexa, do you feel that it works well with the proamatine? Any input will be great.

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Goosebumps (which I think you're calling the "chills") is the dominant side effect with Proamatine. I had that every day I was on it, but to a lesser extent the longer I took it.

You medication list is a pretty common combination of items. Proamatine is VERY short acting--only about 4 hours in your system. It's a good supplemental medication for those who take other things, but get only partial relief (keeping in mind that some people also do well on JUST proamatine).

10mgs is a moderate dose. I've taken as much as 12.5 3x a day, and as little as 5mg 3x day.

Nina :blink:

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