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B/P Still Low Despite Meds...?


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I so today I went to the doc because I was still feeling sick. They did my BP while I was sitting and it's 90/60. Why hasn't it gone up since I have been on the Florinef?? Still having probs getting the docs to take my potassium levels. It's really aggravating since last time when I wasn't on meds it was borderline low. :o .

Oh I am keeping up with fluids, just in case anyone is wondering!

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Sometimes, the beta blocker (which lowers bp) and Florinef (which raises bp) cancel each other out. You may have to increase your Florinef OR add more salt/fluids. My iv treatments raise my pressure a little so that is part of the purpose of getting them. Hope this helps!


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How much florinef are you on? I have had to be on a pretty high dose at times to get my BP up. I have been on as high as .8 mg, but now I am on only .4 mg. Also, your fluid and salt intake are essential to raising the BP when on florinef. Like Carmen said, the Beta blocker can lower BP too. IV fluids also help. There was a time when I was so sick that no amount of florinef was helping and I was too sick to get adequate fluid intake, so I had to have a PIC line for 6 months to get me back on my feet. So the doctors aren't monitering your potassium levels? That was a major concern of my doctors, and when I first started with florinef I was put on a Potassium supplement and my levels were monitered closely. Now they only check it every so often, but that suprises me that your doctor does not feel the need to check it. Low potassium can cause muscle aches which can just make everything worse.

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