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So, I have felt pretty good on the Florinef. It's hard to say how good, because I have had 2 colds in the last month. Anyhow, my cardio in Boston told me that he wanted my BP monitored while I start Florinef, laying down, sitting, and standing as well as my potasium levels. SO, you wouldn't think there would be a problem there right?? WRONG. I asked my Cardio near home to do it since that is who gets the records from Boston and he actually talks to my Cardio in Boston as well...

Anyhow, they Cardio's office near home won't do it until they get something from the doc in Boston. I have called and left 2 messages for my Cardio in Boston and he said the info would be sent out, but he couldn't believe that they wouldnt do at the very least the BP. So I called the Cardio near home today and still havent gotten anything. My PCP won't do any bloodwork either or do the BP until they get some notes from BOston. I think this is rediculous that they won't even do the BP. The office said that they can't call because of HIPAA laws, but my Cardio near home talks to my Cardio in Boston all the time, so why is now differ??

I am soo aggravated! I have an apptmt Wed. to see my PCP's NP so I am going to tell them I have headaches, maybe then they will do my BP and check the potassium levels...then again who knows. :D

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Jacquie, How frustrating it is to be in the old "ping-pong" ball situation. One doc says one thing; the other, something else. If only they could talk to each other, rather than put you in the middle.

I do have a suggestion: Get a blood pressume machine and keep track yourself of readings. Even if the machine is not quite accurate, at least you will get an idea of trends. Moreover, you can bring your blood pressure machine to the doctor and they can see how accurate it is compared to their own measurements. I would suggest that you go in person to your primary care physician and tell him/her the medications you are on. The doctor should take periodic blood tests when you are on certain meds.

Good luck on getting this all sorted out!


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