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Thought you all could relate to this article. A basketball coach was penalized for passing out!

Houston Coach Penders Passes Out on Sidelines

Penders Blames Dehydration, Given Technical for Collapse

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Jan. 21) - Houston coach Tom Penders collapsed on the sideline late in the first half of the Cougars' 82-79 loss to UAB on Saturday night.

Penders, 60, was carried off the floor on a stretcher and given oxygen, but he returned to coach in the second half. He later attributed his fall to a heart condition and said he felt fine after taking the oxygen.

Penders fell to his knees as UAB's Wen Mukubu drove to the basket and drew a foul with 52 seconds left in the half and UAB leading 46-44. Officials called a technical foul on Penders, apparently thinking he was reacting to the foul call. But the game stopped and the crowd hushed when Penders didn't get up.

Assistant coach Melvin Haralson directed the Houston team in Penders' absence. Penders returned to the sideline at the beginning of the second half and led the Cougars the rest of the way.

"I have a heart condition and I've had several episodes where I stand up too fast and get light headed. I did a three-mile fast walk this morning and probably didn't get enough fluids before the game," Penders said.

The coach said he had no idea until later that he was called for a technical foul.

"I don't remember anything to be upset about. To get called for a technical foul for collapsing to the floor is extremely poor judgment on the officials part," he said.

Penders is in his second season at Houston and previously coached at George Washington, Texas and Rhode Island.

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I think we can all relate to how scary that had to be for all parties involved. The coach seemed knowledgeable about why it happened and the need for fluids. I find this reassuring as perhaps, if nothing else, maybe a few more people will learn something about syncope. If a coach has it and knows what to do for it, his players are learning from him. Thus, every person that knows the correct protocol can teach others what they know should similiar situations arise in their own lives.


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this BLOWS MY MIND. not so much that they reacted the way they did initially...people can act dramatically in the sports world...but that they didn't remove the personal foul once it was obviously a medical issue going on. ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

on the other side of things though i will give the local (cleveland) news though credit b/c they played the story and completely ripped the officials apart re: how ridiculous the call was/is. so at least not everyone is clueless...

reminds me a wee bit of one time i blacked out my freshman year of college and was accused of doing so to "create a stir" so that i could cheat on a test. huh?!?!

B) melissa

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