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I have gotten my 2 rejections from social security. Now I am waiting for my hearing date. Just wondering if there is any "accepted diagnosis" I should ask my physician to put in my chart. I know POTS isn't on their list.

Just thinking it may make the process easier if one of the diagnosis's from their list is in my chart.

Thanks for any input.


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4.05 Recurrent arrhythmias, not related to reversible causes such as electrolyte abnormalities or digitalis glycoside or antiarrhythmic drug toxicity, resulting in uncontrolled repeated episodes of cardiac syncope or near syncope and arrhythmia despite prescribed treatment (see 4.00A if there is no prescribed treatment), documented by resting or ambulatory (Holter) electrocardiography coincident with the occurrence of syncope or near syncope.

I got that from Social Security's website listed above. I have not heard a decision yet, but that is how I qualify for SSDI. Hope that helps you a bit.


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Guest Mary from OH

Dawn -

Jacquie is correct, I used to work there (Please, no one throw anything at me!) Also, make sure you have the required testing done that fits that 4.00 diagnosis code (look right before it) because you must meet those requirements too WITHIN THE LAST SIX MONTHS! Look at the website that Jacquie posted.

Off the top of my head, it's EKG and possibly Holter Monitor and your symptoms persist DESPITE MEDICAL TREATMENT. IE medications.

Hope that helps. One of the things all/most of us have going against us is our AGE. The BDD "assumes" that most individuals, if their impairment is not listed specifically in the "blue book", especially if they are younger (18 - 45) that they are capable of doing sedantary work. That means, no heavy lifting, basically sitting type of job. For many people, that is not true!! Try convincing them of that!!! That is ONE of the many reasons I don't work there any more. But, I always do what I can to help people work around the system the best I know how!

Good luck!! The ALJ have more leniancy!! GO FOR IT and get whatever medical records were lacking!! And DON"T work!! Believe it or not, that hurts your case.

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I had all my tes results. Also my therapist wrote a report about my functioning due to this syndrome, and depression because of.......My Judge was really decent. He held up the psych eval,.also the one who knew me longer" and said this makes my job alot easier. He asked me a couple of questions. I was approved for orthostatic intolerance. Good luck. FYI- usually they give you 60-90 days till your hearing I got less than 30 so it was good to have everything up to date. Miriam

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