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Hey I was wondering if anyone has been on mestinon and it has changed their heart rate dramatically? I started it about a month ago, and had some nausea but was able to titrate up to 60mg four times a day. After being on that dose for over a week, I had a tilt test and passed out and had a hard time recovering. But after that I noticed weird things with my heart rate. I was increasingly dizzy/lightheaded, so I checked my vitals and had a somewhat lower BP and a heart rate in the 50s! I dont think I have ever had a HR that low! I have been on digoxin and atenolol for about four years, and they have only been able to keep my resting HR around 100 bpm. So to suddenly have a HR of like 52 is really strange for me. I also have been so nauseated that I have lost like 4 pounds in the last week, and I really don't have any to lose. I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems. I have seen posts about mestinon and nausea, but I haven't seen anything about a lower HR. The pharmasist thinks it is probably the mestinon, so I am cutting down to 30 mg until I can talk to my neurologist who prescribed it.

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Instead of asking the pharmacist, I would recommend calling your neurologist's office even before your next visit. You can talk to the nurse who can get an answer for you.

I am on mestinon 160mg timespan every morning and noticed no difference in my HR. It does help me mildly, but enough to continue it. My nausea resolved on the timespan (slow release), compared to the immediate release 60mg tabs.


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