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How does stress affect your POTS

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Dearest POTS friends............

I was wondering how STRESS----- :) affects your POTS or dysautonomia.

What I mean by stress is problems with your partner---relationship wise, or serious illness in a family member, a terrible emotional upset with a family member---or partner----and abusive situation---ect.

These are just examples or extreme stress. How does you body react? Do you have a delayed reaction---or do you feel the affects right away? I have been under many stressful events in the last few months, and it seems I feel the physical effects later---a delayed reaction. It usually comes when I least expect it----It almost feels like I got away with something----THEN BOOM----a terrible time. A lot of hyper adrengic stuff---very fluish, and it seems the POTS symptoms get out of hand. I tend to lay real low and don't venture out because it is so taxing to my body.

Today I had to go to the gyno-------I was so wiped out---too weak to even shake. I thought I may not make it, and the thought of another rude nurse was too much. This was a new gynocologist in which all the Doctors were woman. There's about 8 or 10 of them. I was able to get in in two weeks. It is always so daunting when going to a new Doc.

Thankfully the nurse was very nice and very understanding of my condition---she asked some curious questions and never once made me feel like some kind of vaccum cleaner sales person. The doc was quiet and curious, but very nice. I had my check up and she gave me a script for an echo for my breasts---as I can't have a mammogram due to the insertable cardiac loop recorder in my breast tissue.

I heard the nurse say "it's because she has pots disease" to the doc when the Doc referred to my BP. It must have been really low. It's been running 70/50s for quite a while. Usually when I go to the doctor it's higher from anxiety or nerves/jitters. Today I was pretty depressed---more so then jittery, so maybe my BP was captured in it's usual state.

Basically-------I have always gotten delayed reactions to any major stress. I don't know if my body goes into survivor mode or what, but later I crash so hard it wipes me out for weeks. What I mean is more then my usual POTS stuff.

If I would have had a nasty nurse---it would have beeen enough to put me over the edge. I probably would have dealt with it to save face---but collapsed in the car in tears or a panic attack.

Uggg----I feel so run down---it even feels like my organs ache---------and all my joints are painfull---just very fluish and weak.

Any suggestions? I am seeing Dr. Ken Davis phd (psychologist) to help my through some of this. But just going over things with him is STRESS---it stirs up things inside me---then stirs up my POTS. Seems we can't win with this bullroar..............

Julie B)

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Hi Julie,

I actually feel the symptoms right off. Yesterday there was a fight about me (long story short my uncle doesn't understand why I can't work, not that it's his business!) and my heart rate shot wayy up and I felt hot, flushed, and very faint.

I'm glad that you had a nice nurse as well as a nice doctor. That is the last thing you need to stress you out (dealing with rude ppl). I know lately you have been under alot of stress. Is there anything you can do to relax, or atleast try to relax?? If you need anyone to talk to feel free to PM me. I know sometimes just talking helps ease the stress.

Take care!


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Sometimes i get the delayed thing ... other times i just crash and cant cope.

Hypnotism helped me alot. I rolled my eyes when it was suggested but i was willing to try anything at the time. I found it helped me to calm down. On my first vist to the psychiatrist i cried and cried and cried ... i must have looked like a total mess! Its hard when those sessions trigger our emotions. Maybe it will get better over time as you get desensitised. Seeking help for the mental/emotional aspects of illness have helped me so much. I feel alot stronger now even though my physical health is pretty much the same. Good luck with your visits, remember there are other drs out there if you dont feel a certain one/method is helping you.

I am glad that you had a good experience with the nurse and dr today :)

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Guest CyberPixie

Another one here for hypnotisim. I use self hypnosis Cd's to help calm me down and I also use sound effect Cd's like crackling fire and rain sounds.

I have quite severe POTS and it only came on after massive stress from the in-laws over my wedding, it was a fairly delayed reaction. The stress was for about 5mths and once it had mostly gone, WHAM , the POTS came on about 6wks later.

I find it extremely difficult to cope with the slightest amount of stress, even people shouting on tv for example. Or the slightest change in routine. I immediately get heart racing and pounding, palpitations, the whole adrenaline surge thing (which lasts for hours and hours), and I shake and feel extremely weak, hot and sometimes feel sick. I then don't sleep that night, or if I do manage some sleep, I get an altered awareness state, am paralysed and I have a light sleep where I'm aware of things but Im dreaming at the same time. It's very frightening.

Also with massive stress, in the past I've had what seemed like a violent stomach bug that came on suddenly. I thought it was an adrenal crisis but my specialist said it could be POTS.

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Same as Ernie for me too. My heartrate likes to spiral out of control whenever I'm upset, it will beat fast and hard like I've been running (something that NEVER happened before I got sick). If the situation is really bad (like when I moved from Hawaii to MD last month) I have a delayed reaction of a few days, and BOOM.

It's interesting that hypnotism works for some of you. I meditate and it has the same effect. I'm studying right now to learn to control my blood pressure through meditation. It will take years of work, but it can be done.

Also, Julie, I'm sorry you've been stressed out. I hope you're happy with your new doc :)


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Guest Julia59

I think it was Nina that mentioned some kind of CD----I'm going to look back on my old posts. i'm so terrible with searching sometimes---depends on my mood.

That is also something to think about. I'm trying to do the best I can to manage---but it's hard sometimes. Especially with some of the family issues----------------it seems never ending---so I just need to find a better way to deal with it. You just can't shut things out---or internalize---it will come back to haunt you. My husband learned that the hard way---it can come out in the most heinous ways.

Anyway thanks for your support----you are all my shoulder to lean on.

Julie :0)

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Sorry for the time delay in replying Julie... yes, I used a buddhist meditation CD by Ticht Nhat Hahn. I got it from One Spirit online, and it came with a book, or two books?? urgh...my brain is fried.

As for stress, I'm like Ernie. I get both. First I get the adrenaline rush as soon as I start to stress or get upset, and then my body is whipped for days as if I did too much at the gym.


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Hi Julie.. I just wanted to ad that I too get the immediate and the delayed reactions to stress wheather it be everysay stressors or extreme prolonged stressors...

I find that going into a dark quiet room.. andlayin down will sometimes help.. though not always..

also if a person is exsposed to extreme stress over time.. and regardless weaher this person has pots or not.. it will effect them eventually in some way...

we unfortunately have the burdon of having very senstive systems..

I wish I were closer.. i would give ya a hug!! hang in there Julie!


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