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Saw My ENT


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My ears have been bugging me as some of you know. I have confirmed meneires, so have fluctuating hearing loss.

I had a really great...not...experience in the er when my bp was 200/122. So they wouldn't address my ear, except to say it wasn't infected, which was all I went in for.

So I saw my ent today and told him I was losing the hearing in my right ear, so they test me and it's my left ear! Can't even tell which one is worse. So in the middle of this, I of course, develop tremors, and big upswing in bp and pulse and am walking like a drunk. I kept telling him it would pass and not to worry, although I felt pretty faint.

He said I need a pwer chair or scooter. I told him I needed proof because I sure can't afford to just go buy one and he said he was going to write a very detailed letter explaining why I do need one. He said the pots is awful, but my balance issues and risk for fall from unsteadiness and vertigo is reason enough.

So maybe help from a surprising source, I thought as I lay on their couch in the lobby, everyone staring at me while I shook uncontrollably, my face beet red, and when walking, looking totally blitzed. How humiliating....beetredmorgan B):o:blink::unsure::(

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I think a power chair would be a good thing for you. It certainly beats looking for a place to sit down when you need one! And when you improve (notice that I said WHEN and not IF), you won't have to use it.

So if you can get one without having to pay for it yourself that would be wonderful. I hope this works out for you.

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Sounds like your ENT is a really good egg... I hope his letter gets you a powered chair, which could be a great addition for you, allowing you a bit more access to your community than you have right now.


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morgan, i'm sorry about what happened.

i wanted to let you know that a power chair might be a better idea than a scooter. i have a scooter but i can't sit in it long enough anymore.

i'm considering an electric wheelchair as well. when i had known this, i would have chosen the electric wheelchair instead of the scooter.

needing another "equipment" always feels a bit humiliating to me, but what counts is, to be able to have fun in life!!! so let's have fun!!!

corina :)

oh, btw what is an ent????

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Good stuff Morgan! I was bummed when I had to get my wheelchair, but after one day of using it, I realized what a HUGE difference it made with regards to my quality of life. Now I can go grocery shopping on my good days, where before the chair I was housebound, and mostly bedbound at that.

Don't think of this as a negative, you'll be able to do so much once you get it!



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aside from the given that it would be grand to not need it, i'm so happy to hear that your doc's behind you re: the chair. he sounds great all in all. personally my chair has given me a LOT more independence. not always & not as much as i wish i had of course, but like lauren i can occassionally now go to a store, etc. and no way that i'd be able to do school at all without it.

so...all that to say that i'm really happy for you and hope that the process goes smoothly so you can join the POTSies on wheels club sooner than later.

B) melissa

p.s. corina - ENT = Ear Nose & Throat Doctor (the "real" name is long & starts with an O but i don't know how to spell it :) )

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Otolaryntologist? Yikes I think that's it. Sorry about intials, it's hard to type out so much sometimes.

He is wonderful and so very cute at the same time. He is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met.

Thanks for the support, I had a friend that told me if I go down that road, I may as well totally give up. Ah, what would we do without "good" friends... B)

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Otolaryngologist...you were close Morgan, I think you must have hit "t" where the "g" goes. B) Corina, this describes what they do:


My ENT is a jerk, which is why I'm waiting for the appointment with the one my internist suggested. I looked up his picture...and he's definitely NOT cute, but lets please hope he makes up for it in skills, yes?? B)

Wow, you hit the jackpot Morgan-- nice, cute, and competent all in one package! Sounds like a keeper.


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Isn't it great when we find great doctors that understand what we are going through?! My ENT is awesome. I have seen him since I was 12 years old and he really is a great guy. With a chair you will be able to do alot more, so I would look into getting one. Does insurance cover the cost of it? Hopefully it does. Keep us updated!


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