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had horrible surges last night!!


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hello my potsy pals!

Well i came to Toledo for my app. (that was on tues)..and I hadnt been feeling good all weekend.. but decided to make the trip anyways.. long story short.. I feel that it was well worth the trip.... and feel that I have some direction to go into..

Well I was ahving a rough time in the waiting room... my vision was just like all goofy (megga floaters) and I felt so wiped out.. then the need to pee every few minutes kicked in.. but I couldnt bring myself to stand and walk down the hall!! so I sat there for a bit talking myself into standing up and making the journey! Just a very icky feeling potsy kinda of day

anyhow.. they got me back into a room and I was able to lay while i waited.. so that helped..

But getting to my post..Monday I slept roughly 12-13 hours straight.. then slept some more tuesday.. but I was exhausted.. ifelt like I hadnt slept at all.....i fell asleep early last night and woke up at like 12:30am.. and I was having a nasty potsy surge...I was very overheated.. and I was sweating abdly.. my hair was soaked as where my PJ's.. and I was so dizzy and tachy.. and a million other things that I cant out into words.. and the need to pee had started once more.. i felt so dehydrated.....I made my way back to the bed.. and like instantly fell alseep. which was weird considering how i felt.. well folks that was only apreview for what came next!

shortly after 2am...I remeerb dreaming that I was trapped inside of this car.. (this sounds weird.. but need to tell ti to go with whatelse i have to say) and this car was just going so fast.. and whipping around curves.. and in my dreams I am screamming stop stop! I'm going to puke!.. well I am waking up as i am saying this.. and there are these exsplosions (i dont know what else to call them) going off in my head and in front of my eyes.. of the brilliant vibrant colors.. colors that I like cant even begin to describe.. only that they were very bright.. and very clrorful...I was kinda out of it... I vaguely remerb saying turn out the lights.. over and over.. there were no light on in my hotel room.. it was pitch dark.. the lights were the ones in my head!.. well anywasy.. i'm not quite sure how I made it to the bathroom.. but I got real sick.. and I was shaking very badly.. and I was sweating so badly.. even worse then a few hours before.. i got violantly sick..meaning violent forcefull vomitting.. and I couldnt stop...it was that kind of vomitting that uh.. makes your chest and throat burn.. I dont know quite how to desribe it.. only that the forcefullness of the vomitting.. made it real hard to breath.. and i was gasping for air.. then that all to familiar feeling of electricity invading my body.. just jolting thru me.. lie somebody was zaping me with something.. and it made my insides hurt.. does that make sense?

I do believe that I blacked out b/c things got very unclear and fuzzy after that.. couldnt tell you how I got back to bed.. only that that is where i woke up.. I remerb thinking when i first woke up with thsoe exsploding lights that i need to call 9-1-1... b/c something really scary was happening to me!..I have had real bad surges in the past but nothing like what I experienced last night.. and that scares me b/c my unexplained symptoms are getting wrose. and my potsy stuff is kicking my rump.. and nothing like is offering much relief..this mornign when I woke up I drank so much water and gratorade... that its a wonder that i ddint float home!.. and I ddint have to pee.. but one time during 6-7 hours! so that tels me that I was/am dehydrated...

I got home tis afternoon and.. and the first thing that my boyfreind said to me was boy you look like "he**"! I'm geez.. I seem to be getting alot of that these dasy!.. he said you look like you havent slept it days.. when infact that is really all i have done...and wanted to do..

I called my family doc today and got an appointment for tomrrow afternoon... so hopefuly some antibiotics will be on board soon..my body is majorly stressed. between traveling. and I most of the time" can make it thru a trip and I dont crash till after i get home.. this was not coole crashing so badly befoe I even left Ohio! OMG!.. not doing so hot this evening..so Im signing off.. I apologize ina dvacne for the many typo's that i'm sure are here and for the length of my post... but I needed to share this with people who wont think that i am a nut case talking about bright lights exploding and electricty raging thru me... :rolleyes: .. my boyfreind was liek what do you mean? you had electricty zipping thru you? Im was lie nevermind.. and just said I ddint feel good..


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I had something similar once when I was 17, a while ago..... Lots of colors then I could not see or hear anything. I just kept throwing up and I could not stop. I had to struggle to breath between it... I am not quite sure what happened though. I dont remember ever stopping throwing up...but I woke up in bed...My mom was there. She said eventually I stopped and slumped down but could still walk and she put me to bed. I dont remember anything else about it though.

Sounds scary...I will be thinking of you....

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Guest Belinda

Dizzy- I wondered how you were. Boy , sounds like the pits. I am sorry to hear your not doing so well but glad you made it to your appt. and it was worth it.

Sorry about the surges you have going on, hope your doc. can do something for you.

Feel better soon! Belinda

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I have had that experience before and it is terrifying. Bright colors, lights, electricity. It is possible that you were dehydrated and overly tired and as a result got a complicated migraine. A neurologist once told me that the migraine process and seizure process are very similar in the brain. Sometimes my migraines do seem more like seizures so it makes sense to me. BUT..... new sx warrants further investigation. Let us know what your doctor has to say. Good luck!


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Guest Julia59

OH---I'm so sorry you had such a rough night----------------not fair........

I'll pray you don't have any more of those nasty surges---those are the worst, then to have those little explosions----lights---and that bad dream about the driving. (Did I drive OK ?------- :rolleyes: )

I hope your PCP can help you feel better soon. Meanwhile rest, rest rest.

Keep us posted on what you find out from the Doc---and of course what you found out from Dr. Grubb----only when you feel up to it though.


Julie :0)

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Hi Dizzy,

I am glad you made the trip and look forward to hearing how it went.

So sorry you went through that experience. I can't imagine what it was like. Must have been scary.

You were in the hotel room by yourself? Wow, give you a lot of credit, you are brave and it must have been twice as scary not having anyone there with you.

((((hugs))) to you and hope you are feeling better now. :rolleyes:

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Hi, I couldn't imagine having those symptoms and being all by myself! I'm glad you made it to your apptmt. How did you make out?? My mother used to get episodes like that but it is because she has epilepsy. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and see how you made out. I hope you feel better real soon. Take care. B)


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hi gals ( anf guys)

just wanted to pop in real quick and say thanks!

Julie.. dear no it wasnt your driving!! LOL! you drive just fine..

carmen--Um.. ya know I have been tested multiple times for what they thought were seizures.. my eeg's are always coming back w/ slowed brain finctioning.. but no seizure activity... and for migraine's that is a real possiblty.. but I dont /didnt have a headach.. a neurologist told me over the summer that she thinks I was having convulsions.. due to my BP having been so low.. and stayed so low over a period of time.. that that is how my body reacted to the stress my body was under was to convulse.. who knows... a recent neuro.. thru a headache clinic just last month told me that my brain is very active.. menaing that.. wel that its active b/c I have so bad light/noise sensitivity 24/7.. and that b/c I have aura's with and with out migraines allmost daily.. I'm on meds for ti.. maybe I should call her office..

mom4cem.. yes I was by myself in the hotel room.. I.. it was scary.. and I honestly dont know how i made it back to my bed... part of the reason why i think I had a black out spell.. b/c sometimes after a syncope spell I have a hard time remebering things..

belinda and hmichel.. thank you!! hmichel.. i'm glad that you werent by yourself during that episode..

I still dont feel great.. down right horrid actually.. but hopefully will feel better soon.. I hope..

love and hugs

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I'm sorry you went through such a scary experience B) ...I'm glad you made it to the docs. though and I hope they can come up with something to help you.

Have you had any luck with IV fluids? I can't remember if it was you or someone else..but there was a disscussion on medaports aka port-a-caths?

Maybe that would help you stay hydrated during these horrible episodes you've been having...

Get some rest and I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

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Hi, I have POTS, and migraines with aura (including complicated migraines). I have all kinds of visual disturbances with my migraines, and I sometimes I see colored spots too. I used to have severe vomiting years ago, but I've found recently that I can avoid that by quickly drinking some cold water and putting cool wet rags on my forehead and/or neck. If my husband hadn't been home to get the water and wet rags for me, I wouldn't have been able to get them myself most times, though.

I've had the electrical shock sensations through my whole body for 4 years. They are very painful, and I was terrified when I first got them because they were surging so bad. I also have pins and needles sensations with numbness that I've had off and on for 12 years, but that is different from the electrical surging sensation that feels like you're plugged into an electrical outlet. Mine started a few days after my car was rear-ended again.

I get goosebumps all the time, and whenever I'm cold, the electrical surging gets worse. I also have hotflashes and severe sweating at times that alternate with the chills. A physical therapist thought I had causalgia (or RSD), but my neurologist just thought that the knots that I have from Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) are pressing on nerves and causing the electrical shock feelings (but I had the knots from MPS for almost 8 years before that). I know it's caused by the sympathetic nervous system, though.

I wish I could tell you what to do for all of it, but I've had to suffer for years with the migraines and the electrical shocks. I can't take any medications due to hypersensitivities. I actually developed full-blown POTS after barbiturates in a migraine medication built up in my system to severely toxic levels over a short period of time in 1995. They didn't believe that I hadn't taken that much, so the idiots gave me huge amounts (much higher doses than I'd been taking) over weeks supposedly to taper it out of my system. You could see through my medical records how my heartrate and blood pressure kept going up and up after the doses. They thought it was from withdrawal instead of because of the medication they were giving me in the hospital. I haven't been the same since.

I'm sorry you're having these symptoms. I hope yours get better soon. I am definitely not a typical case, and hopefully your doctors will find something to help you.

Take care,


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First, I'm so sorry that you had an episode like that and had to deal with it all by yourself. You are braver than me for sure.

Second, I'm not a doctor, but I'd say the next time you have an episode like that (and hopefully there won't be a next time), you should call 911. The paramedics would have been able to collect data on what your heart and bp were doing which may provide a clue as to what was happening. I'm sure you're allergic to hospitals at this point (as am I) but sometimes it's necessary.

Big BIG hugs!


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