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SSA and Doctor?


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Well I just got back for the post office I over nighted all my paper work to SSDI ( Disablity office). Keep me in prayers or thoughts PLEASE. My phone interview is at noon on the 12th. I am soooooo worried this is not going to go thought. The worse part is that it take90-120 days to find out if your approved or not, if you are not approved then you get to start all over again. I am hoping it goes though the 1st time, but don't want to get my hopes up!!!!

Also I went to the doctor last night and still getting the same thing, we just need to wait and see if anything gets better, and hang on to hope that a new drug will come out, and work for me. I asked him since I feel the betabocker is not really working, and I am getting dressed if I could stop taking it. So he just added a anti-depressent to the mix. ( like I am not taking enough drugs as is.) I asked him about triny IV fliuds, or Erythropoitin, or Mestion, as I have tryied all the other fun drug, and things that could help with POTS. he said to call Cleveland to taoday andd see it they have any ideas. Last time i called it took them 3 days to get back to me. I not understand it when you are there I got the best care, they sat done and explained everything, but once you leave the follow doesn't seem to be there.

Anys sorry about my caring on....... Hope you all are having a great day!!!


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