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Felt great, and then crashed


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Last week I went out to dinner with some friends, something I tend not to do to often, but, this time I felt great! I was having conversations with everyone, rather than sitting there and being quiet and wishing I wasn't there. The dinner was great, and then everyone wanted to move on to a bar, which I did, as I was having such a great time - only drank water all night.

Got home at about 11:30pm, and I was restless - I couldn't sleep, couldn't relax, and didn't end up going to bed until 4:30am. Got up to go to work at 8:00, and struggled to get to 5:00pm, went home feel asleep on the sofa immediately, woke up at 10:00pm, and felt awful, I couldn't stand up, my whole body was in pain - got into bed and had to stay there for 3 days - everytime I got up, even to go to the loo, my heart rate went off the scale, everything was greying out, and my body was just so sore - it seemed as though even my hair hurt! I had chills (even though it is in the high 30's here), but no other signs of the flu or anything. No sore throat, no runny nose.

On the third day of being bedridden, I got up to get some water, and felt fine again, no aches or pains, no lightheadedness, no nothing.

Is this what you would call a 'surge'?

It was really bizarre whatever it was.

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I DONOT have any ansers .but the same thing happens to me on the smaller scale daily .mornings are ok, i am great for about 4 hour at MOST then the pain in chest,head the voimitng starts ,dizzy,fatige exetreme,shaky,brain fogg,lowbb,high hr,....I can sleep with my sons JAZZ BAND IN THE SAME ROOM for about 12 hours then start the next day over again the same way.oh there is 7 boys in the band!



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I'm sure there are surges,storms etc, in all different shapes and sizes, depending upon circumstances,state of mind, state of body etc.

You just never know when it will happen. You are going good for a day, two days maybe three then all of a sudden it's all back and then some.

The best we can do is ride it out, take care of ourselves to get through it and start all over again. Not trying to sound dismal. We need to keep in mind that one good day could turn into two then three and so on.

Have to hold onto that. :)

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It could have been what we not-so-affectionately refer to as a storm or surge. Like mom4cem said, the best one can do is tough it out. If it gets really, really bad, I sometimes go to the doctor.

I've had to learn to pace myself, and I mean pace myself. I don't do anything that is too tough, and I try to be fixedly horizontal by 9pm every night (meaning not getting up for anything) with the lights low. This seems to help as my worst crashes always happen in the evening. Also, meditation has really helped: focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind can keep my adrenaline from affecting me when I'm crashing. Maybe something like that would help you as well.

Hope you're feeling better,


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My adrenaline surges and the after shocks only last from say a 10 minutes to a couple of hours. I haven't had 3 day surge before!! Sounds like your body just fell in a POTS hole for a few days! :(

No matter what you call it, it's never fun. I'm glad to know you recovered okay though.


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